Liberation information sets you free

Liberation information is information that allows you to rid yourself of false teachings, wrong ideas and misguided cultural practices.

It sets its sights on freedom, liberty and self-determination.

It provides personal and other truths that set you free.

It allows you to release yourself from the false and misguided teachings imposed by already established cultural institutions.

Liberation information considers all the factors pertinent to the matter in question.

It’s evidence-based and verifiable.

You can validate its authenticity for yourself.

Hermetic astrology

The first astrologers claimed that astrology is crucial to our understanding of the world so you should be very interested in knowing what it can do for you.


Hermetic astrology is a grand spectacular body of evidence-based astrological information.

It was acquired using the scientific method.

Theories were developed and tested.

Thousands of birth charts were calculated, assessed and research.

Case history studies were performed.

The astro-data, rules, principles and systematic procedure that you must use and follow when assessing your birth chart were scientifically ascertained.

They can be trusted.

Hermetic astrology provides liberation information that can set you free.

You operate in two environments

Your external (outer-world) physical environment provides life-matters, activities, things to do, people and places.

The world, the country in which you live, your local environment and your home provide the setting for your self-development.

Your internal (inner-world) astral environment provides astrological energies, an astrology code and a blueprint for living.

You’re here to participate in the progress of God’s Great Evolutionary Enterprise and Hermetic astrology illuminates the powerful role these two environments play in shaping your intelligence and ability.

Your local environment provides experiences – events and conditions.

An event can only occur if your external and internal environments give it the green light.

By overcoming problems and inhospitable conditions your character grows and develops.

By setting yourself progressive challenges your intelligence and ability develops.

Liberation information

You’ve got a birth chart.

It’s your official blueprint for the development of thoughts and feelings – skills and abilities – intelligence and know-how – and love and wisdom.

Your astrology code connects you to the universe and God.

Hermetic astrology explains your birth chart in a way that allows you to determine your current state of development, what you’re doing wrong and what you have to do to correct the misguided character traits that have developed.

Your character has flaws and defects that need to be mended.

It’s your most important possession and its progress and development is your prime concern and responsibility.

You should view the fortunate and unfortunate events you experience as character development opportunities.

You need to know who you are, why you are here and what you should do to reach your full potential as a human soul.

And Hermetic astrology and your birth chart provide liberation information that rids you of the awful uncertainty of just not knowing.

They provide liberation information that can set you free.

Author: DW Sutton

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