Your not-conscious mind or soul

Your everyday consciousness is composed of thoughts and feelings.

You’re inclined to call your conscious mental world your mind, but it’s more precisely identified as your objective mind.

Objective awareness and your capacity to employ reason are made possible by your brain.

But then there’s your unconscious or not-conscious mind. It’s rather mysterious because you – the objective observer – are denied access to your not-conscious field of mental activity.

So you have a conscious mind and a not conscious mind and Hermetic science proposes that your unconscious or not-conscious mind is your soul.

Your soul

Your soul has a number of identification tags. It’s been called your subconscious mind, your subliminal mind, your unconscious mind and now your not-conscious mind.

All these terms simply identify a mental realm where states of consciousness and intelligence exist below the threshold of everyday consciousness. And your soul or not-conscious mind is no longer the mysterious thing it once was.

Hermetic astrology presents the science of your soul and your soul is a thought-built form. It’s an organized unity that comprises every state of consciousness that is you.

On its evolutionary journey your soul has acquired sensations, thoughts, feelings, intelligence and ability so its thought-structure is organized by experience in a definite manner.

You call this organized body of thought-cells and thought structures your character. And because you are constantly experiencing new events and conditions your character is undergoing constant change while you – the mysterious thinker – stay the same.

Information streaming

You don’t have two minds. You have a soul or not-conscious mind and a conscious field of mental activity – your objective awareness.

Your conscious thoughts, feelings and impulses are states of consciousness that stream in from your not-conscious mind.

Electromagnetic energy facilitates the data transfer from your soul to your brain.

Your brain, where not-conscious thoughts, feelings and impulses come to your conscious attention, is not the seat of consciousness.

It’s a biological devise that allows you to gain impressions from your environment.

These impressions as thoughts, feelings and impulses stream into your brain from your soul on the wings of electromagnetic energy.

Consciousness and character are not physical attributes. They relate to the thought-cell organization of your soul. And you – the very clever thinker – take the functional organization of your soul for granted.

Your soul is a super intelligence

Your soul is a highly coordinated intelligence system that controls and supervises the biological activity – including cellular function – of your physical form.

Its intelligence built your body to the specifications laid out in its genetic blueprint. And now it’s supervising your body’s biological processes.

Your soul has learned what to do through previous experience and training.

Not-conscious thought processes, representing knowledge gained by experience, control and influence your body’s biochemical activity.

Your soul embraces your entire character and the life you’re living is just your character doing its thing.

Your soul or character defines your existence. It’s who you are.

Author: DW Sutton

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