Your destiny

From the astrological perspective your destiny is truly great.

It’s very different to the one proposed by materialistic science and orthodox religion.

The science of the stars allows you to learn who you are and why you exist.

It explains how you can control your primitive, uncivilized instincts and work towards the improvement of your own welfare and the welfare of your family, friends and associates.

Astrology teaches that there is no such thing as fate or destiny in the sense of the inevitable.

You have the power to master your own failings and, with determination, to develop positivity and strength where there is negativity and weakness.

Your distinguishing feature is the power to reason.

You should use it to solve big and small problems.

Like all living entities you’re subject to the laws of nature, but unlike the animals, you can use reason to overcome destructive forces like heat, cold, sickness and decay.

When one human soul, unafraid, dared to experiment with the dangers of lightning to discover electricity he turned a destructive force into a powerful force for good.

His reasoning powers gave the world a tremendous creative energy.

Your birth chart maps your tool-kit

Your birth chart is a map of your character.

Your character expresses mental and emotional resources and they’re the tools you must work with when building your life.

Your character is your tool-it.

When starting to build a house you commence with the foundation.

And that’s the place to start when building your character.

Your birth chart provides a blueprint of your character.

And your character at birth is the foundation of your future self.

Your intelligence and ability are the tools you must work with when you’re building yourself.

To become a competent and efficient worker you must become familiar with your defects and values.

Then, with this knowledge, you must reshape and sharpen your tools.

As the effectiveness of your tools improves you should channel your energy into the accomplishment of definite constructive work.

When working with tools you can experience cuts and scratches but your task is to acquire such competency in handling your tools that you avoid minor and serious accidents.

Your task is to acquire such skills in handling your emotions and thoughts – the tools you must work with – that nothing too calamitous takes place, and that the minor obstacles that do crop up do not hinder your personal progress.

Your destiny is to increase your intelligence and ability

The problems your dysfunctional character traits attract stimulate effort.

And the reward for effort is increased ability.

Your intelligence and ability continually develops.

As states of consciousness transform into slightly higher states your worldview changes.

You develop new perspectives and see things differently.

Slowly you come to a realization of your true function in the universal plan.

You become aware of your proper relationship with the Creator of Life.

With enough intelligence you can work with planetary radiations and direct them into completely constructive channels.

(Planets have energy fields and radiations that material science doesn’t know about. These fields relate to astral, etheric and spiritual forces.)

You’re the master of your destiny when you’re able to work effectively with the energies mapped in your birth chart and direct them into some activity that contributes to universal good.

Your destiny, from the astrological perspective, is continual and eternal.

It’s all about you developing – to the fullest – your best capabilities for living with your fellow traveler.

Author: DW Sutton

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