You and your birth chart

Your birth chart allows you to look beneath superficial generalizations to understand the deeper detail and logic of your own life and existence.

It not only captures the astrological event that marked your human birth it reveals your developmental state here and now and a glorious destiny that is timeless and eternal.

It encourages you to discover your one very special talent and to use this talent for your own pleasure and the profit of others.

Your birth chart validates your existence and provides you with a sound and genuine plan on which you can build your life.

So, if you’re serious about you, and making the most of your life, you need your birth chart.

It details inherited psychological data that allows you to see your heredity in a dynamic new context.

It pictures symmetry, beauty and a spectacular potential.


As your soul’s objective consciousness your special job is to solve problems using reasoned thought.

This isn’t easy.

Up until now your actions were always based on feelings and how you felt.

And your birth chart is an evolutionary record of the experiences that have built and shaped your feeling world.

You’ve brought to your human life all the psychological footprints of previous experience.

As states of consciousness they’re saved in memory as feeling, intelligence and ability.

They provide a foundation for your here and now.

Your character has been carved by experience and your birth chart reveals your character development at the time of your human birth.

And human life ensures a burst of development.

Your birth chart

Your birth chart is a map of your character.

You express intelligence and ability in an environmental setting.

Your birth chart details a mental world built by experience.

Intelligence and ability develops through experience.

Your birth chart details dysfunctional character traits that are predisposed to cause mishap and misfortune.

Misguided conduct can result in disease, financial difficulties and work, social and mental health problems.

Your birth chart is a map of possibilities, but outcomes are not pre-programmed into the chart.

You have control over what you do and what happens.

You can change your ineffective behavior.

With all this talk of uncertainty you actually have far more control over your life than you ever imagined.

Your life is not a matter of chance.

It’s about thoughts and feelings – love and wisdom – emotional and spiritual connections.

It’s about soul-development and you striving to be the best you can.

Your birth chart connects you to the universe and the infinite.

It’s a personal resource filled with priceless information.

It reveals how your consciousness has been put together by experience.

It’s jam-packed with future possibility.

When it comes to your life your birth chart is the highest authority.

Author: DW Sutton

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