Your chart is your official map of self-knowledge

Your birth chart is not an instrument of fatality.

It does not map inevitable events or what you will inevitably think and do.

You could say that the astrology code pictured in your birth chart has been downloaded into your mind, but the preexisting condition it maps may or may not develop into real-life experience.

Your chart does allow you – the thinker – to meet your soul and to enter your not-conscious world of thoughts, feelings and impulses.

It does allow you to become aware of your own possibilities.

When it comes to you and your life your birth chart is your only genuine source of data.

It’s your official map of self-knowledge.

Your official map of self-knowledge

Your birth chart is a moving, living architectural form.

It’s a self-knowledge provider and it’s providing you with layer upon layer of self-information.

It defines your intelligence type and provides you with a valid description of your character.

It details your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s an easy to read self-reference that allows you to learn about your thought and feeling world.

It details the thought structure of your soul and the mental activity that’s taking place in the not-conscious region of your mind.

There’s intelligence, emotion, talent, creative energy and vital strength in your soul and your birth chart allows you to have an objective experience of your soul.

In your search for identity and meaning it’s your perfect self-reference.

You hunger for self-knowledge and self-understanding and your birth chart contains heaps of self-knowledge.

It provides you with a blueprint for living and a set of rules which you cannot afford to flout.

Your chart is a roadmap, pathfinder, storyteller, adviser, counselor and life guide.

It’s you official map of self-knowledge.


Self-knowledge is knowledge about you.

It’s knowledge about your mental and emotional resources.

Self-knowledge allows you to glimpse your true self and to sense the fundamental meaning of your existence.

And it allows you to live an examined life and to maximize your mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Self-knowledge clearly defines who you are and your birth chart is inviting you to become the person that nature intends you to be.

Your chart provides self-information that you can turn into self-knowledge.

It allows you to add to your existing level of self-knowledge.

As your official map of self-knowledge it allows you to see yourself as you really are.  

It’s inviting you to live the life that reaps the highest rewards in ability development and social usefulness.

Your birth chart should inspire a sense of wonder.

It’s inviting you to discover yourself.

It answers the question: Who am I?

Author: DW Sutton

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