You, the map reader

Maps are very important for travelers.

If you have ever travelled in unfamiliar territory you’ll know that a map is your most important possession.

Without a map you can easily get lost.

You have to make your way in this world and when you set out to do something or go somewhere you need a set of directions.

You need a map.

And when it comes to your life journey your birth chart is a map that you can use to light your way.

You can use it to guide you to where you want to be.

Reading your chart does require some proficiency in the science of astrology and the art of map reading.

So you, the map reader, need to learn how to read the map.

Reading the map

You have to look at the map: The signs in the sky – the planets and zodiac signs – and the Earth – the houses; and not only see your character in action but a range of possibilities that encompasses your entire life.

It takes more than an understanding of the science of astrology to read your birth chart well.

You need to be a diligent map-reader.

You need to develop discrimination and analytical skills.

They allow you to make sound judgments, determine what’s relevant, dismiss what’s irrelevant and link astrological data with its real life correlate.

The chart is inviting you to discover yourself so each planet, aspect, sign and house is a topic that must be read carefully.

A little study of your birth chart allows you to identify and locate your outstanding character traits.

You can identify your dynamic psychological drivers and the environmental settings that turn them on.

You can assess their functionality.

You can identify your attitudes, motivations, likes and dislikes.

They steer your life.

A little more study allows you to blend birth chart markers with your conditioning by experience.

Real-life data provides the evidence that supports the astro-data.

Gradually your life emerges from the chart.

You get to know your mind.

Then, as you become more and more familiar with your chart, the self-information it provides bursts into self-knowledge, meaning and purpose.

Self-learning with a me-map

Self-study sessions are devoted to studying your birth chart.

They must be purposeful.

You’re striving to make sense of yourself and your life.

You’re striving to become an expert map-reader.

With a clear understanding of the planets, aspects, signs and houses and what they stand for you will read your birth chart with greater purpose.

As your map-reading skills develop and become more proficient your birth chart will reveal its secrets with greater clarity.

As with any academic pursuit more study will result in greater knowledge and understanding.

And with a greater understanding of your birth chart you will comprehend the messages it is sending and apply the astro-data in the interest of achieving a better life outcome.

Greater self-understanding and purpose allow you to use the information provided by your birth chart more effectively.

The take home messages

Your birth chart is a map that you should use to guide your way.

It maps predispositions that will invariably develop into personal realities unless you do something and change what’s indicated.

This is the common state of play.

There’s a right and wrong way to read your chart and you, the map reader have the task of developing the know-how that allows you to read it correctly.

To make sense of your birth chart you must read it correctly.

It’s not difficult.

Author: DW Sutton

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