Heredity, environment and conditioning by experience

Your life is just your character doing its thing but your heredity, environment and conditioning by experience play a powerful role in how your character forms and expresses in a human life setting.


Heredity is the passing on of traits from parents to their offspring.

It involves the genetic data needed to build a physical body.

Your body’s data was provided by an egg cell from your mother and a sperm cell from your father.

But embedded in your soul’s consciousness was another type of data – ability and intelligence.

Your parents provided the genetic data needed to construct your physical body and your soul did the building and supervised its construction.

It knew what to do – either through abilities learned from previous experience or other experiences passed on to it by the genes which transmit racial characteristics.

Your environment and early home life

The start of your self-conscious existence took place in a family setting.

It’s where your mental heritage, as intelligence and ability, continued its development.

And during your childhood your character was exposed to a dynamic situational force – your family and home life.

Your family life circumstances – particularly your mother and father – were a powerful situational force.

The events and conditions you experienced back then were crucial to your development.

They were planted in fertile soil that ensured their strong growth.

The events and conditions you experienced as a child provided the states of consciousness that represented your soul’s previous learning with a special mode of conditioning.

Your conditioning by experience

When you were born the powerful desires that define your character did not have specified intentions.

The mode of expression they developed was specialized by events made possible by your local environment.

The raw, unconditioned mental energies that defined your soul’s consciousness were conditioned by your environment.

As a child, in response to the events and conditions you experienced, your behaviors formed modes of expression called habits.

Pleasure and pain

Your conditioning by experience involved pleasure and pain.

Some events caused you to feel good and others caused you to feel bad.

The feel-good pleasure you felt in response to a circumstance you liked was embedded in the state of consciousness you felt at the time.

Feel-good thought-complexes are built by harmonious conditioning energy.

And the feel-bad pain response to a circumstance you disliked was embedded in the state of consciousness you felt at the time the event occurred.

Feel-bad thought complexes are built by discordant conditioning energy.

First experiences set a trend and your inaugural feeling response will keep on returning when the same or a similar experience recurs.

Through a process involving regular repetition both the event and your feeling response have become a habit and a predictor of future conduct.

Take-away messages

Your character expresses powerful urges that define your life and the events and conditions you experience.

These events cause you to feel and behave the way you do.

Your behavior today is simply your character doing its thing.

It’s the starting point of your future self.

Only you know how you feel in a particular place or situation.

Your heredity, environment and conditioning by experience are powerful players in your life journey and their influence must never be underestimated.

Author: DW Sutton

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