Body, mind and soul

You – the individual – have a body, mind and soul.

Your physical self is a biological marvel and you identify who you are with your body and its physical features.

Your mental self is a world of thoughts, feelings, impulses, desires, moods, aspirations, abilities, likes and dislikes that define your character.

You identify who you are with your mind.

Your soul is a big mystery.

The soul is steeped in religious teachings and traditions but since the discovery of DNA its existence is on shaky ground.

Your body

Your body has a genetic blueprint.

It was inherited from your human parents and ensures that you will look like them and not like a palm tree or tortoise.

Hormones and genes are key components of your physical self.

You could say that they’re in charge of your biological life.

Your body has organs – a heart, liver, kidneys and lungs; glands – a thyroid, front and back pituitary and adrenal glands; and systems – a brain and nervous system, circulatory and digestive systems.

Your brain and nervous system are the means by which you experience self-consciousness awareness.

Your body has a distinct functionality.

It has nutritional needs and its welfare is your responsibility.

Your mind

Your mind is a personal mental world.

You identify with your thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes. They define who you are...I think, I feel, I like.

Your mind expresses intelligence and a unique perspective of the world.

You have perceptions, thoughts and ideas. Your mind is where you do your thinking.

It’s a transitory world where thoughts and feelings come and go. Your mental activity is all about what’ happening right now. You can change, divert and control your thinking. Major problems have you thinking deeply.

But there’s a lot going on in your mind that you don’t know about so there’s a theory that you have another unknown mind.

One mind with two parts

You have a mind that’s composed of two parts.

Your conscious field of mental activity is identified as your conscious mind and your unconscious field of mental activity is identified as your unconscious or not-conscious mind.

You’re aware of your conscious thoughts, feelings and impulses but unaware of your not-conscious mental activity.

You only have access to your conscious thoughts and feelings and they influence what you think, say and do.

But your not-conscious mental world is hidden from you.


There’s a part of your consciousness that’s considered immortal. It’s called your soul.

In popular culture soul identifies feeling. 

Mind is a world of thoughts and soul is a world of feelings. Mind is a world of thinking, ideas, academic learning and intelligence and soul is world of love, affection, compassion and sympathy.

Ancient religious teachings claim your soul survives your body’s death and continues your existence in a non material realm.

Orthodox religion is content to believe in the existence of soul.

But orthodox science has deleted soul from the life equation. It doesn’t know how to investigate and measure something that has no material properties.

So soul is a mysterious and controversial topic.

Author: DW Sutton

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