#Hermetic astrology

Hermetic astrology provides the science that allows you to unlock the latent qualities and abilities mapped in your birth chart.

It merges ancient wisdom with modern science to provide you – the self-curious thinker – with the most accurate astrological information that’s currently available.

As a body of credible scientific facts and theories Hermetic astrology is bound by a compact and coherent set of doctrines.

It provides a grand edifice of astrological knowledge that invites you to actively participate in your self-development by making use of the information provided by your birth chart and life experience.

The laws of life

Hermetic astrology presents and explains the laws of life.

They’re the astrological laws that govern your intelligence and ability development and successful living depends upon you applying these laws effectively.

Ignoring or disregarding the rules of the game can result in misfortune, disease and social failure and you’ll fail to reach your full potential.

Hermetic astrology investigates the mental world of thoughts and feelings and their astrological correlates.

It reveals and explains variations in human nature, in behavior, in mental capacities and in psychological features.

It acknowledges that not-conscious thought is the precursor behavior.

The science of the stars

Hermetic astrology presents the science of the stars.

It provides a thorough explanation of God’s great astrology code.

It investigates and studies the natural laws that govern the development of your character and the functionality of your physical body.

And information like this allows you to reach the highest-levels of self-awareness. 

Personalized astrological information allows you to discover your one very special talent and to use this unique natural gift for personal pleasure and the profit of others.

And you can use personalized astrological advice to harmonize discord and correct behavior problems and character flaws.

The science of the soul

Hermetic astrology presents the science of the soul.

It gives you back your soul and takes you down the royal road to soul-knowledge.

The science of the soul embraces a theory of life that sheds light on who you are and your reason for being.

It explains your life as a training program where intelligence and ability are developed in response to cosmic needs.

Your soul is a smart field of energy.

It’s the intelligence system that directs your life and behavior.

It’s the super-intelligence that, through training, has developed the necessary expertise to supervise the building of your physical body.

It animates your body and manages its biological processes.

It’s the creation of a living universe.

And your birth chart is inviting you – the curious thinker – to meet your soul.

Accepting the invitation could be the best thing you ever do.

Hermetic astrology provides truth, hope and optimism

In an otherwise meaningless and sterile self-information environment Hermetic astrology provides truth, hope and optimism.

It presents a theory of intelligence and ability development that sheds light on who you really are.

Hermetic astrology provides a very different take on your past, present and future.

It invites you to find your real self within the framework of the astrology code pictured in your birth chart.

The chart allows you to reframe your identity in the light of astrological information.

Unhampered by orthodoxy and convention you can discover the real you and why you exist as a dynamic living component of the natural world.

Hermetic astrology provides intellectual excitement, honesty, and vitality in a self-information environment that’s shackled by purposeless, fear, meaninglessness and false information.

It will change your life forever.

Author: DW Sutton

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