Test. It. Out.

The popular perceptions about astrology are mostly false so you will have to be careful about what you choose to believe.

The fortune-teller type astrologer peddles unsubstantiated beliefs, strange claims and the false notion that your birthchart forecasts future events that are inevitable.

Many people believe astrology is superstition, and the world’s smartest scientists claim it’s hogwash declaring its whole basis is unscientific. So, who’s right?

In the age of science those who worship the scientific method refuse to test the science of astrology preferring to believe the unsubstantiated claims of their predecessors and peers.

Don’t be a believer

Very few people have actually taken the time to personally test the science of astrology for themselves.

As with most specialized subjects they’re more inclined to blindly adopt the popular notion that they find personally acceptable.

But we consider the blind belief and acceptance of what others say to be highly dangerous. And we encourage you to investigate and think for yourself. 

You can’t risk believing the ill-informed, biased claims made by scientific and religious authorities who have never investigated astrology and who have social positions of power and privilege to protect.

Whether astrology works in practice or not is a judgment that you should make for yourself.

Test it out

You can test astrology for yourself and learn what’s true, what’s false and what’s really going on.

By assessing your own birth chart and matching the events that have occurred in your life with their astrological markers you can do your own testing and make a firsthand judgment.

You can test the science of astrology by applying it to your own birth chart.

You can test the reliability of astrological information by assessing your own chart to determine its capacity to clearly describe your character and the trend of your life experience.

You can test the usefulness of astrological information by assessing your own chart to determine its capacity to advance your self-understanding.

You need to know that orthodox science and religion have a great deal to fear from astrology which explains why they go to such extreme measures to discredit – without investigation – the science of the soul and stars.

Author: DW Sutton

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