The scientific evidence is overwhelming

The Hermetic system of astrology presents a theory.

It’s a theory about the soul, its consciousness development and the astrological forces that guide and influence its developmental journey.

It’s a grand theory of life that invites skepticism.

But just like other theories – relativity and atomic theory for example – it has been confirmed by observation and experiment and those who have investigated the theory accept it as fact.

It presents the best available view of reality that’s currently available.

But orthodox religion and materialistic science see it as dangerous and unacceptable. They have their own versions of reality and they don’t like Hermetic astrology’s worldview.

Leave astrology to the astrology experts

But this doesn’t mean that the religious and academic authorities are right and astrological science is wrong.

The scientific expert and theologian know nothing about astrology.

The mathematicians know a great deal about mathematics.

The physicists know a great deal about physics, the biologists know a great deal about biology and the clergymen and priests know a great deal about the Bible, but they’re not experts in astrology.

It’s important to leave the facts of astrology to those who are trained in the subject.

They’re the astrology experts and they’re the ones who can provide reliable, honest astrological information.

If you want to learn the facts of astrology go to an expert. All the other guys don’t know what they’re talking about.

The science of the soul and stars

Hermetic astrology presents the science of the soul and stars and the science takes away all the confusion, doubt and uncertainty.

It allows you to enter into the spirit of the Aquarian age and say with certainty – I know.

As a self-information service Hermetic astrology answers two fundamental questions – who am I? and why do I exist?

It helps you to find yourself, and your reason for being, in your personal astrology code.

You have a birth chart.

It connects you to the universe and defines your special type of intelligence and ability.

Major astrological events occurring in the chart time when important developmental experiences are scheduled to occur.

You learn by experience.

Your life experience is a special training program that’s preparing you to perform the special work that you have been assigned.

Fortunate and unfortunate experiences contribute to the development of your intelligence and ability.

Through these experiences you acquire and develop intelligence, ability, love and wisdom.

That’s why you’re here.

There’s nothing else.

The evidence is overwhelming.   

Author: DW Sutton

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