The Holy Grail of life-science

Hermetic astrology is a life-science that studies the key properties of the mind and their astrological correlates. These properties can be summed up as thoughts and feelings.

A thought presupposes a mind to think it and your not-conscious soul mind is a thought built mental structure. It’s not reducible to physics.

Through experience it acquires and develops intelligence and ability.

Hermetic astrology knows that your inner world of not-conscious thoughts and feelings is hidden from you – the self-conscious thinker – so it’s dedicated to bringing it to your attention.  

It claims that your birth chart details how your thought and feeling world or character has been built by experience and assembled into a unified consciousness.

It provides stunning new detail on who you are and has a large body of scientific evidence to support its claims.

Hermetic astrology is the Holy Grail of life-science.

Astrology is the golden key

Hermetic astrology is the golden key that unlocks the door to otherwise unknown but spectacular information.

It claims that the astrological energies transmitted by the planets and zodiac signs impact on your soul and dynamic not-conscious drivers influence the events and conditions you experience.

Your behavior is simply a response to circumstance and Hermetic astrology claims that the circumstance you experience and your behavior response are just your not-conscious mental activity doing its thing.

Hermetic astrology’s knowledge-base embraces the science of the birth chart.

It includes the astrological laws that govern your intelligence and ability development.

It’s the science that prepares you for understanding your personal astrology code.

Via your birth chart it allows you to review your character development – how you got to be the way you are – and to monitor your future development.

It offers you a whole new way of thinking about your life and yourself and claims that your potential self is defined by your astrology code.

It explains your life experience as a training program that’s designed to prepare you for a definite cosmic work so you ought to be eager to learn how you can actively participate in the developmental process and live a more rewarding and useful life.

Your soul or not-conscious mind

Your soul is a non-physical self-organizing astral intelligence.

It exists for a definite purpose and fulfilling its purpose requires training and development.

You’re likely to call your soul your unconscious or not-conscious mind.

Your soul is attached to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts and its know-how built your physical body and operates and manages its biochemical activity.

And Hermetic astrology explains how your soul and the intelligence it expresses plays a direct role in your life experience and that astrological energies affect the state of your soul.

It explains that neuronal firings are physical descriptions of not-conscious thoughts and feelings that represent data from previous experience saved in memory and that new astrological events cause the formation of new thoughts and feelings.

Hermetic astrology explains that each psychological state is a collection of thought-elements behaving in a certain way and that the predisposition to form a particular mental behavior is mapped in your birth chart.

And it explains that the behaviour you have learned – your conditioning by experience – can be unlearned, modified or changed.

Your character

Your character is a bundle of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

It expresses traits and characteristics that your astrology code details and explains.

Hermetic astrology sheds light on the occult processes that shape your character.

It explains how your soul’s knowledge and intelligence have evolved through a developmental process that required the gradual learning of slightly more difficult tasks; and that it permanently retains in memory – as states of consciousness – all its experiences.

It explains how the non-physical can produce, interact with and influence something that is physical.

Hermetic astrology explains the mechanism that binds your soul and body and how your soul acts as the organizing principle in the construction and day to day management of your biological self. It’s the Holy Grail of life-science.

Author: DW Sutton

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