Hermetic astrology is a self-science

Science represents a method or way of gathering and evaluating information.

The pursuit of knowledge requires logic and objectivity and the word science means knowledge.

Science is exploration with a purpose. It starts with an impulse to find out something.

A scientific judgment is a judgment based upon evidence that can be evaluated. It represents classified data.

What is self-science?

Self-science means self-knowledge and self-knowledge comes from self-observation and self-research.

Self-science is scientific self-information.

It’s the pursuit of unbiased, open, transparent information that is logical and objective.

It’s evidence-based data about yourself.

Self-science puts the focus on you and you have a vested interest in understanding who you are.

You’re the only person who can scientifically investigate your mental self.

Hermetic astrology

You have self-consciousness – an awareness of yourself – and Hermetic astrology invites you to enhance your level of self-awareness.

Its focus is on self-understanding and self-development and the astrological information embraced within its knowledge-base is the result of careful observation, statistical analysis and systematic investigation.

Hermetic astrology is devoted to helping you assess and examine your astrology code and to finding and utilizing the code’s natural potential.

It invites you to study and learn about your soul or not-conscious mind.

It’s not concerned with pure science – that is, knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Hermetic astrology seeks knowledge that can be studied, learnt and applied.

Your birth chart

Your birth chart is all about you so it proclaims that you’re the best person to understand your astrology code.

The chart allows you to evaluate your character and the life experience that best sustains your development.

It allows you to re-frame your identity in the light of astrological information.

Hermetic astrology and your birth chart throw new light on who you are.

The integration of your character (that’s mapped in your birth chart) with your conditioning by experience and current circumstance defines who you are today.

And because Hermetic astrology helps you decipher your birth chart it should be rightly classified as the world’s only self-science.

Hermetic astrology is a self-science

Hermetic astrology is the one great self-science.

It provides a blaze of self-information.

Via your birth chart it reveals and explains your appointed study course in the school of life.

Hermetic astrology provides a systematic procedure for evaluating your chart and reduces the complexities of life to rules that you can learn and apply in a personal context

It provides research-based scientific data that enhances your capacity to understand your chart and make reliable astrological assessments. And it encourages you to work with the data to reach your full potential.

Author: DW Sutton

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