Hermetic astrology isn’t fortune-telling

The birth chart used in astrology is just one of many divinatory devices.

There’s even a branch of astrology – Horary astrology – that is divination.

And most so-called astrologers are diviners who use the birth chart as a divinatory device. They’re fortune-tellers.

When assessing a chart the common fortune-teller type astrologer relies on psychic impressions and feelings to explain what’s going on.

With no scientific training s/he doesn’t know what the chart represents or the scope of the information it contains.

The chart presents a spectacular array of possibilities none of which are grounded in evidence-based science.

The fortune-teller type astrologer deals exclusively in results that are seen as inevitable.

S/he occasionally gets the assessment forecast correct but it’s always the result of hunches, feeling impressions or guess work.

Science illuminates the birth chart

The function and purpose of the birth chart takes on a whole new meaning when the data it provides is illuminated by the light of science.

The chart displays a pattern of astrological energies that define its owner’s character and life story.

And each marker in the chart has a clearly defined psychological correlate that has been determined by observation and research.

While Hermetic astrology considers the probabilities of certain results, it is primarily interested in the energies which are the cause of results, whatever they may be.

Hermetic astrology does not consider the events which come into your life as effects which are independent of cause.

Instead it believes that each event you experience is backed by a definite energy release which it seeks to foresee so that you can bring it under your personal control and divert it from expressing in an unfortunate channel to become the cause of an event which is more fortunate.

Setting the record straight

The commonly held impression that astrology implies a philosophy of fatalism, and that the birth chart shows in minute detail just what will happen is incorrect.

Hermetic astrology proves that your birth chart maps energies and trends within your basic character and that the progressions occurring in the chart subsequent to your birth show the times when new energies will be added.

It teaches that these energies can be trained and conditioned to express in the manner you select.

It proposes that one of your tasks in life, whether deliberate or casual, is to alter or modify your dysfunctional ineffective character traits so that they express in a manner that is beneficial and constructive.

When you give all your thoughts and feelings a dynamic constructive motive you’re not living in a static, predetermined world as set forth by the fortune teller.

Instead, you’re living in a constantly expanding world in which you not only create happiness and success for yourself, but by doing what you do very well you contribute to the welfare of your fellow travelers.

Author: DW Sutton

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