Astrology and natural law

A natural law is an observable law relating to natural phenomena and astrology is the scientific study of these laws as they apply to the soul and stars.

Investigative research by qualified technicians seeks to discover the facts of the matter.

Theories are tested and checked and if found to be true they’re made available to others for testing.

Natural law

Natural law as it applies to the soul and stars has nothing to do with the laws that protect you and define your rights as a human being.

They’re the universal laws that govern the development of your intelligence and ability through a personal educational program of experience.

These laws are universal so the idea that different schools of astrological thought can give them different interpretations is preposterous.

Universal astrological laws must be universal.

There can only be one science of astrology.

Messy astrology

For hundreds of years astrology has suffered from a lack of uniformity. And today different practitioners work with different data, methods and devices that each considers pertinent and essential.

It’s a situation that adversely affects astrology’s scientific credibility.

The one point of agreement is that the stars in the sky somehow influence your life and the events you experience. But different systems use different charts – different stars – and some focus on events, not your character.

The use of non-astrological factors to explain events is common.

The birth chart, which is always used as a reference point, is most often viewed as a map of astrological and mystical symbols that cause events that just seem to happen.

It’s a messy situation where belief is the driver and theories are accepted without proper scientific testing.

The Brotherhood of Light

But the Brotherhood of Light has asked the questions, investigated and tested the theories and learnt the science of nature’s laws as they apply to astrology.

Through evidence-based research it has discerned how these laws operate on a personal level – via your birth chart – and you need the information.

It will give your life purpose and reveal what you have to do to increase your social usefulness and spirituality.

In its quest to discover the laws of nature the Brotherhood of Light is not driven by competition or rivalry.

Its motives are purely altruistic. The race to understand nature and how it operates is a spiritual enterprise. 

No-one can copyright the laws of nature.

Author: DW Sutton

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