One science of astrology

Science is just a meticulous way of finding out about things.

It provides knowledge – science – and the idea that you can control things over which you don’t seem to have any control. And with more knowledge you can exert more control over your life and the vagaries of fate. 

The thrust of science is to provide you with enough information that you can take control of your own destiny. And in the age of science the scientific method is employed to reduce the chance of error.

The natural world

Science is used to discern the laws that govern how the natural world works.

Hundreds of natural laws have been discovered.

A natural law has universal application. It doesn’t change and can’t have two or more interpretations.

There aren’t two laws of gravity. There’s one theory of relativity and one law of gravity. These theories and laws don’t have several interpretations.

They are natural laws that explain how the natural world works.

A natural law has existed ever since… and its influence over time is universal.

Astrological laws are natural laws

The laws of astrology are natural laws and the science of astrology embraces all these laws.

Astrological laws and principles are not subject to change. They cannot have two or more interpretations, but as intelligence evolves they are subject to a more sophisticated understanding.

There can only be one science of astrology and you can verify the science for yourself by applying it when assessing your own birth chart. Astrology is a self-science.

The science of astrology

Astrology is the science of the soul and stars.

The science embraces knowledge of the soul and the role that the stars – the planets and zodiac – play in its intelligence and ability development.

The accuracy of any bit of astrological information is determined by its capacity to accurately explain some aspect of the soul’s existence; and its usefulness is determined by its capacity to provide users with reliable astrological data that they can use in their practical day to day living.

To be of value astrological information must be used and astrological advice must be acted on. And the science must be judged by its capacity to predict what it claims to predict – just like any other scientific field of endeavor.

Hermetic astrology

Hermetic astrology is a scientific system of astrology.

It has done the hard yards in terms of statistical analysis and scientific research, so the astrological knowledge it presents can be labeled science.

It provides you with the science of astrology – evidence-based astrological data, a set of rules and a systematic procedure for assessing your birthchart – and you’ll acquire authentic self-knowledge when you combine the data provided by your birth chart with analysis and personal experience.

This will cost you time, effort and energy.

Author: DW Sutton

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