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There can only be one science of astrology but there are different schools of thought. Each school uses a common reference point called a birth chart, but charts are constructed differently and display different astrological effects.

Schools differ in what they claim the chart represents and they differ in the way they assess the chart and the conclusions they draw. They differ over the question of personal control and free-will.

A particular schools brand name gives it a distinct identification and the brand name – Hermetic astrology – simply distinguishes it from all the others.

Where's the difference?

Hermetic astrology provides astrological facts supported by evidence-based research.

It is grounded in standard astrology but has departed from standard astrological methods when experience, based on research, proves these methods are unreliable or erroneous.

It employs a birth chart that displays the planets, aspects, signs and houses and a system of keywords that assists in their interpretation.

Instead of haphazard rules and vague comments Hermetic astrology presents specific rules and definite specific statements that explain the influence of each marker in your birth chart. And it provides a reliable and easy-to-follow systematic procedure of chart assessment.

But the main difference between Hermetic astrology and all the other schools of astrology is its use of measurement to more precisely determine the strength and functionality of each birth chart planet, aspect, sign and house.

These measurements known as astrodynes give the science of astrology far greater accuracy and practical usefulness.

Getting the best out of yourself

Brand Hermetic asserts the values of individual autonomy and informed choice so it helps you decide which goals are worthy of your time, effort and energy, it helps you to choose the right goals, and it helps you to reach these goals.

Destructive behaviors are self-development liabilities and Hermetic astrology lets you know when your behavior has become destructive, ineffective and self-defeating.

Brand Hermetic helps you to understand your own mental processes, emotions and feelings and such insight permits personal control and the accurate prediction of future behavior.

Brand Hermetic also provides personal behavior modification guidance that helps you to harmonize discord and enhance your mental, emotional and spiritual contentment.

Choosing what’s best for you

Brand Hermetic competes with other astrological schools of thought, other self-development disciplines, and other philosophies and ideologies that attempt to explain the great mysteries of life and death.

But from your personal point of view the best astrology is the one that provides you with the most reliable assessment of your birth chart.

It’s the one that you consider provides the most reliable self-information and the one that provides the best self-development guidelines.

So, when choosing what’s best for you should critically assess the integrity and usefulness of the various schools of astrology and make an informed decision; or you can checkout what Brand Hermetic has to offer and take it from there. 

Author: DW Sutton

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