Sun in your birth chart

You have a power urge and a capacity to direct or influence the behavior of others and/or the course of events. It’s a state of mind characterized by the desire to control, manage, supervise and rule. It comes in handy when you want to get your own way.  

You were born with a burning desire for significance – an innate craving for attention, respect and admiration. You’re a VIP and you measure your sense of self-importance by your socio-economic position or in terms of self-approval and self-acceptance. Praise, respect and admiration give your sense of significance a boost.

Thoughts of pride, firmness, approbation, conscientiousness and self-esteem stream into your conscious mind influencing what you think, say and do. You’re upwardly mobile climbing the ladder of success and proactively seeking social-status. You have relations with those in positions of power and authority. 

And the Sun in your birth chart is the data point for information pertaining to your power urge and desire for significance. It’s the core of your existence – a psychological legacy of previous experience.

The Sun in your birth chart – symbol is

The Sun in your birth chart allows you to study and evaluate your power-significance thinking and behavior in the light of real-life experience.

The relative strength of your desire for power and significance is measured by the Sun’s astrodyne power score; and the efficacy of your power-significance thinking and behavior is measured by its harmony or discord.

Its position on your chart’s planet power summary allows you to rate it as dominant, prominent, non-prominent or weak. 

If dominant or prominent your desire for power and significance is strong and active. You may have attained a position of power which allows you to stamp your authority and choose outcomes. If non-prominent or weak you may have limited power or feel disempowered having little ability to control events and the course of your life.

If the Sun is harmonious your not-conscious power-significance thinking is harmonious and predisposed to (psychokinetically) attract fortunate events.  Your rulership – power – behavior is inclined to be considerate, respectful, dignified and firm.

If the Sun is discordant your not-conscious power-significance thinking is discordant and predisposed to (psychokinetically) attract unfortunate events. Your power behavior is inclined to be domineering, authoritarian, arrogant and disrespectful.

The Sun’s power and harmony or discord scores allow you to examine and evaluate your power-significance thinking and, if necessary, modify or change the dysfunctional thinking and behavior in the interest of a better life outcome.

Your conditioning by experience

As a child your parents or significant others controlled your life. They wanted you to behave in a manner that pleased them so they showed you what to do. You imitated the power behavior of your same-sex parent. Your first attempt to get your own way set the trend for future attempts.

First experiences set a trend and your desire for significance was nurtured or harmed by childhood experience. You danced to please but the bouquets and brickbats thrown by your significant others and peers impacted on your self-esteem and influenced how you felt about yourself.

Your feeling of significance – of being important – was conditioned and shaped by events involving success, praise, encouragement and reassurance; and/or failure, criticism, disparagement, ridicule and shame.

Achievement was rewarded with praise, admiration, awards and prizes and your self-esteem got a boost. The joy of praise was the best feeling. Success and achievement built confidence.

A poor performance, defeat or failure were rewarded with criticism, ridicule and shame. The pain of criticism and ridicule was the worst feeling. Failure and defeat built unconfidence, uncertainty and doubt.

What happened was saved in memory and only you know what happened. Each new event reinforced the development of the power-significance behavior habit that’s with you today.

Your sense of significance – how you feel about yourself – simply represents the sum-total of all these experiences. It’s an opinion you have of yourself that considers the expectations of your significant others, the expectations you have for yourself and all your real-life successes and failures.

Only you know about the part played by power and significance in your life. Your self-esteem should be based on actual accomplishment and social usefulness not on comparison and competition. There are no winners or losers. Just you doing your best. Your self-esteem should be solid and intact so there’s no need to brag, boast, criticize or shift blame.


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