You have three keynote planets  

Your birth chart is all about you and when you affirm your individuality and take responsibility for your life and destiny your personal blueprint for living provides rules for success. But to reach a higher level of usefulness, happiness and spirituality you not only have to apply these rules you have to understand who you are, what you can do and what you want from life.

Your local environment is your playing field where you strive to survive and succeed. Like it or loathe it it’s a powerful player in your life story; but how well you play and perform is entirely up to you. Only you can forge your own destiny.

Your birth chart is a self-information provider and three (maybe two) planets provide keynote data that you need to know about. They are your dominant planet, your best planet and your worst planet.

Your dominant planet

Your dominant planet is the one with the highest astrodyne score. It’s the first planet listed on your chart’s planet power summary and it’s the dominant astrological influence in your chart. From the get-go it’s played the lead role in your life story and the development of your special type of intelligence and ability.

It marks for your strongest psychological urge. More thinking of its type flows through your not-conscious soul-mind so it’s having the dominant influence on your thoughts, feelings and actions.  

Your dominant planet is the astrological spark that sets your soul in motion. It represents an incessant desire that requires constant satisfaction; a state of consciousness that colors your world-view; and a dominant interest or activity that has authority over what you do. 

And because it plays such a pivotal role in your life you need to know and understand your dominant planet very well.  It defines a key developmental experience and the life matters, activities and social relationships ruled by the house where it is located are major players in your life story.

Your best planet

Your best planet is the one with the highest number of harmodynes and the psychological urge it relates to in your not-conscious soul-mind expresses harmonious thoughts and feelings which work to produce fortunate events and conditions.

Your best planet is an important source of contentment and satisfaction. It’s a big asset in your psychological toolkit and by staying focused on its thoughts and feelings and intelligently using its environmental associations you can make the most of its harmony.

But there’s a good chance in your unconscious tendency to express the discordant features of your character that you’ll neglect your best planet and miss out on the harmony and benefits it has on offer.

You probably have several harmonious planets but the one with the most harmony is your best planet; and if it’s your dominant planet you’ll only have two very important planets.

Your worst planet

Your worst planet is the one with the highest discordyne score and the not-conscious psychological urge it relates to is embedded with discordant thoughts and feelings that are predisposed to desire and attract unfortunate events and conditions.

When they’re active you can reduce or nullify their discord potential by bringing their thought antidote into play or turning your attention to some other interest or activity that gives you pleasure. These are effective ways of avoiding misfortune.

Your mental indiscretions cause unhappiness and hinder or restrict your character development. But when they’re harmonized and given effective expression you’ll feel an enhanced sense of worthwhile, purposeful living. 

There’s a good chance that you have several discordant planets but the one with the most discord is your worst planet; and if your dominant planet is your worst planet you’ll only have two very important planets.  

If you have a chart where all the planets are harmonious your worst planet is the one with the least harmony; and if all the planets in your chart are discordant your best planet is the one with the least discord. 

If your dominant planet is your best planet consider yourself fortunate. Opportunity and luck define your life story. But if your dominant planet is your worst planet nature in her wisdom has given you a tough row to hoe where the development of your special kind of intelligence and ability involves learning from lessons in pain and misfortune.

Your dominant planet, best planet and worst planet represent a trinity of thoughts, feelings and impulses that will play an important role in your daily life. And when you employ them effectively and harmonize the discord you’ll optimize your living and feel that you’re fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Author: DW Sutton

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