What planet best describes you?

Your birth chart reveals personal truth.

It maps your character and special type of intelligence and ability; your backstory which gives your life a trajectory; and it reveals the planetary family to which your soul belongs.

The Sun, Moon and 8 planets of our solar system denote ten types of people that are easily recognized and your chart’s dominant planet more than likely indicates your soul’s parentage. But honest self-knowledge should validate this chart data before you say with certainty which planetary family you belong to.

If you’re a Sun person you’ll strive for positional power, managerial positions and political appointments. You’ll like to be in charge of the show.

Confident and conscientious you’ll seek influence, social status, praise, admiration, headlines and spotlight attention; and titles, honors, financial perks and status objects.

Administration and management is what you do when you’re in a position of power and authority, but undue of assumption of superiority, overconfidence in ability, dictativeness and power abuse are behavior indiscretions. Power abuse can ruin people’s lives. It occurs when you’re motivated by self-interest, your position, social/historical recognition or the spoils of office. 

You might be a politician, government official, manager, executive, boss, employer, supervisor, entertainer or pretentious show-off.

If you’re a Moon person you’ll have a deep attachment to your home and family. You’ll be curious, moody, inoffensive, fickle and a little timid.  And you’ll mimic what you observe, feel comfortable mixing with masses of people and love notoriety and gossip

Passive and responsive you’ll soak up circumstance and easily adapt to an ever changing, pushy environment. On the down side your inconstancy inclines towards changeableness, drifting, apathy, infidelity and instability.

You might be a home maker, housekeeper, domestic worker, carer, nurse, checkout operator, grocer, cook or dietician.

If you’re a Mercury person you’ll have excellent powers of perception, a quick intellect and a nervous temperament. You’re intelligent, mentally active, witty, enterprising and scientific; and you’ll love to learn, read, talk and travel.   

You’ll easily grasp new tasks, have the gift of the gab and are at your best when you can express your thoughts in speech or writing but restlessness can impair your ability to sit still, stay calm, relax and concentrate. Protracted concentration is required when performing academic tasks.

You might be an agent, writer, journalist, teacher, student, scientist, lecturer, librarian, clerk, secretary, Uber/taxi driver or walking-talking controversy.

If you’re a Venus person your life’s a party. Your social calendar will be booked solid as companions invite you to have fun and give and receive affection.

You’ll be friendly, companionable, affectionate, fastidious and courteous. If a woman: graceful, elegant and charming; if a man: charming, refined and well-mannered. And you’ll have an appreciation of the arts.

You’ll be easily distressed by strife and discord and you’ll shy away from hard work and solitude and your desire for harmony can have you taking the line of least resistance and saying ‘yes’ just to please others.

You might be a socialite, beautiful person, artist, beautician, hairstylist, barber, fashion designer, florist, receptionist, painter, decorator or party animal.

If you’re a Mars person you’ll have an active strife-life. You’ll be combat ready, respond quickly to provocation and thrive on competition and conflict. Opponents, competitors and rivals have to be defeated.

Assertive, forceful, sexed-up, adventurous, bursting with energy and motivated by impulse you’ll be preoccupied building something up or tearing something down.

Initiative and enterprise have you responding to a challenge but harshness and antagonism hinder constructive enterprise and your hate, cruelty and violence can inflict harm and leave a trail of destruction.

You might be a mechanic, engineer, firefighter, police officer, soldier, lifeguard, body builder, athlete, sex-worker, physician, surgeon or kamikaze thinker.

If you’re a Jupiter person you’ll have a high opinion of yourself, feel you deserve the best and gravitate to the professional world. Your well developed religious urge expresses tolerance, benevolence, good-cheer, generosity, hope and charity which gains patronage and favor.

Jovial, optimistic and broadminded you’ll disregard the small imperfections in others, forgive transgressions and always look on the bright side. But you’ll chafe under restraint and restriction and your very favorable opinion of yourself can easily turn to conceit and vanity. Religion will play an important role in your life.

You might be a salesman/woman, clergyman/woman, banker, financier, lawyer, stock broker, philosopher, rich person, philanthropist or jolly good fellow.

If you’re a Saturn person you’ll be security conscious, practical, down-to-earth, reserved, retiring, cautious, thrifty and risk-averse. You’ll play it safe, know the value of hard work, appreciate its rewards, shoulder responsibility well, delay gratification, patiently wait for your plans to mature and abhor waste.

And you’ll gain by stealth, craft, cunning, subtlety, careful planning, plodding effort, thrift and buying to advantage.

Struggle, loss, melancholy, fear, self-pity and pessimism will have you viewing life through a selfish lens and this crippling rabbit hole is best avoided by system, efficiency, economy, patience and organization.

You might be an accountant, dentist, economist, farmer, minor, laborer, security guard, weather forecaster, historian or resident of Struggle Street.

If you’re a Uranus person you’re different and you can have difficulty fitting in. You’ll be an original, independent, free-thinker who sees the world through a progressive frame of reference that advocates change and reform.

Discontent with the status quo you’ll be a rebel with a cause and your unconventional lifestyle, personal eccentricities and unusual mental interests can raise eyebrows and attract censure.

Your radical ideas and enthusiasm for reform will be met with powerful resistance from conservative thinkers who fear change; so moderation and logical one-step planning is the only way you’ll convince others of the sanity of essential reform.

You might be a radical thinker, reformer, inventor, electrician, technician, psychologist, scientist, IT worker, occultist, bohemian or eccentric oddball.

If you’re a Neptune person your well-developed utopian urge has you promoting schemes that usually involve living the easy life or getting something for nothing and there are plenty of suckers eager to get on board.

Idealistic, visionary and imaginative you’re a big dreamer whose utopian flights of fancy depart the world of harsh reality hoping to land in paradise where there’s milk, honey, leisure, ecstasy and heavenly bliss.

Meanwhile back on Earth you’ll shy away from hard work, mental labor and critical analysis preferring to believe what you wish to be true. Sensitive, mediumistic and smooth talking you’re good at making and breaking promises and your idealistic cloud-nine visions usually fail the practicality test due to a lack of clarity and vagueness.

You might be a promoter, actor, dramatist, druggist, musician, photographer, spy, fisherman mystical thinker, daydream believer or con artist.

If you’re a Pluto person your desire to contribute to a common good has you uniting with others and joining groups to achieve a worthwhile purpose. And you’ll consciously or unconsciously tune in on inner-plane astral broadcasts which give you easy access to unusual sources of information and power.

Active, energetic and resourceful you’re good when you’re a cooperative team player whose proactive spirituality contributes to the common good. But when you’re bad you’re a coercive manipulator who preys on others using subtle lies, misinformation, inversive messaging, threats, pressure tactics and intimidation to get what you want. In this instance your reputation as a villain and menace is well deserved.

You might be a welfare worker, umpire, coach, detective, FBI agent, astronaut, radio broadcaster, media mogul, embalmer, dictator, criminal or gangster.

Author: DW Sutton

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