Know your prominent planets

The planets in your birth chart – the Sun, Moon and eight planets of our solar system, including Pluto – are reference points providing data pertaining to ten dynamic not-conscious desires that, as basic components of your character, influence everything you think, say and do.

They and their not-conscious psychological correlates have a matching level of power; and your chart’s planet power summary lists 10 planets, ascendant and Midheaven in descending power order. It provides data that’s of great personal value. As a personal hierarchy of desires it permits comparison and power grading.

Power grading allows you to rank the planets in your birth chart as dominant, prominent, non-prominent or weak and you can use the same grading system to rank the influence of their not-conscious psychological correlates.

Not-conscious desire streams into your objective awareness and influences what you think, feel, say and do; and your dominant planet marks for a dominant not-conscious desire that’s always on your mind. It’s the hub of your existence. It denotes a special type of intelligence and ability that’s you're developing through a dominant life event trend.

Average chart power is 8.3% and planets with above average power are rated prominent. The intelligence and ability they mark for has an above average potential for development.

Planets with below average chart power are rated non-prominent and planets with low percentage scores are rated weak and as a planet’s power score declines your potential to develop its special type of intelligence and ability is reduced.

But you may need to grade a planet that’s marginally below average chart power prominent if astrological data and personal experience reveal its influence is conspicuous and likely to be above average.

Know your prominent planets

You have ten dynamic not-conscious desires that vary in their strength and your birth chart’s planet power summary allows you know which ones are prominent and very strong, which ones are non-prominent and moderately strong and which ones are weak.

That said, the onus is on your four, five, maybe six prominent planets: You need to know your prominent planets.

A prominent planet identifies a not-conscious desire (thought-cell group) that has a powerful propeller. It has more energy and more unfulfilled desire. It’s in a constant state of stimulation so it’s having a pronounced influence on your life. It’s influencing what you think, say and do and attracting events that sustain your intelligence and ability development.

Your prominent planets define natural aptitudes that with opportunity, proper training, and practice can be developed into ability. And they may express a single aptitude that requires a cluster of traits, each trait corresponding to one of your prominent planets.

Your prominent planets denote thoughts, feelings and impulses that are a prominent feature of your not-conscious thought world.  They mark for powerful not-conscious desires (thought-cell groups) that have sufficient psychokinetic power to demonstrate important events that define your life story and sustain the development of your special type of intelligence and ability.

If the Sun has above average power your desire for power, significance and social status is prominent. If the Moon has above average power your desire for a home and family and novelty is prominent. If Mercury has above average power your desire for intellectual activity is prominent. 

If Venus has above average power your desire to give and receive affection and socialize is prominent. If Mars has above average power your desire for construction, destruction, strife, energetic effort and sex is prominent. If Jupiter has above average power your desire for goodwill, tolerance, religion, wealth and prosperity is prominent. 

If Saturn has above average power your desire for safety, security, work and responsibility is prominent. If Uranus has above average power your desire for independence, originality and freedom is prominent. If Neptune has above average power your desire for perfection, idealistic betterment and easy wealth is prominent. And if Pluto has above average power your desire for group activity, teamwork, cooperative effort or coercion is prominent.      

Author: DW Sutton

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