You’re probably a fairly conventional sort of person with a conventional job and conventional home and family life. But society is made up of lots of different people, and some are really odd. Some look odd, other’s dress odd and some think odd. Maybe you know someone who has really odd thoughts and ideas. Maybe you have a friend who’s into wearing strange clothes and metal jewelry. S/he’s odd but nice.

And conventional people resist change. They’re inclined to stick with the status quo; but in time all things change. The road ahead is sign-posted with original new ideas and new ways of doing things; and in astrology the planet of individualism, originality, invention and radical change is Uranus.

Uranus invented the miniature machines and technology that can do and solve anything.  It has changed everything and you’ve been trained to be mesmerized by its smart devices.

Your life involves personal change and you may have noticed that you can’t plan for unexpected change. Minor everyday change can be disruptive but then there’s major radical change. It always occurs through someone who suddenly enters your life and who very often suddenly leaves; and when you experience major radical change your life is changed forever.  It will never be the same again.

Uranus is the upper-octave expression of Mercury – the planet that rules logical reasoning and other heavy duty thinking that tries to solve difficult problems – so it’s insightful without the hard mental work.

Uranus thinks differently and its original – upside-down – thinking invites you to stand on your head and see yourself in a different new way. You can view yourself as a soul with a birth chart, physical body and conscious mind who has an eternal future that’s packed with possibility.

Uranus is light-years ahead of all the other planets when it comes to explaining life. Its unorthodox reverse logic thinking provides new ideas, spectacular revelations and occult insight; and its inventive thinking solves old problems in new ways. It’s what progress is all about.

But Uranus is an extremist too. It generates and spreads extreme views and more often than not its gobsmacking charisma is just crazy eccentricity.

Uranus in your birth chart

Uranus in your birth chart is the data reference for your individualistic urge. It allows you to gain an understanding of your desire for individualism, independence, originality, difference, inventiveness and urge to rebel and break with precedence.

The position of Uranus on your chart’s planet power summary indicates the relative strength of your not-conscious individualistic urge. It will tell you if Uranus is dominant, prominent, non-prominent or weak.

And its harmony or discord measures the functionality of your not-conscious disruptive-individualistic thought activity. It allows you to determine the influence that your individualistic thinking and behavior is having on your life, health and happiness.

Uranus allows you to judge if your desire to be different, original, independent and rebellious is a strength or weakness.

Maybe you can think and act differently and make radical departures from customary practice. Maybe you’re very unconventional. Maybe your difference is innate. It’s just who you are and being you sets you apart.   

If Uranus has above average power you might find dissociation easy. It’s the ability to separate images and other mental factors from the material with which they were originally linked. With your electrical activity alternating between attraction and repulsion your mental fixity is scrambled enabling you to form new ideas from old mental material.  

Whatever... when thoughts of independence, originality, inventions, the unconventional, unusual and/or modern methods are on your mind you’re thinking Uranus thoughts. And the strength of Uranus in your birth chart reveals if they’re a permanent part of your thinking, a regular state of mind or just an occasional occurrence.

Power, harmony or discord

Your chart’s planet power summary measures two sets of Uranus data: Its relative strength which is fixed and its harmony or discord which is variable rather than absolute.

There’s a direct correlation between the strength of Uranus and the frequency at which you experience individualistic type mental activity.

If Uranus has the highest astrodyne score it’s your dominant planet and it’s the dominant influence in your life. If its percentage score is above 8.3% you should rate it prominent. It indicates that Uranus is having an above average – prominent – influence in your life. If its percentage score is below 8.3% you should rate it non-prominent. And if it has a very low percentage score you should rate it weak.

The harmony or discord of Uranus allows you to rate its functionality as harmonious or discordant.

If Uranus has a harmony score you should rate your individualistic urge harmonious and your independence thinking, originality and ability to change and break with convention as constructive and effective. It’s embedded with harmonious psychokinetic power that works to attract beneficial change and fortunate experiences involving your originality, inventiveness and technology.

If Uranus has a (-) discord score you should rate your individualistic urge discordant and your independence thinking, originality and inability to change and break with convention as destructive and ineffective. It’s embedded with discordant psychokinetic power that works to attract distressful change and unfortunate experiences involving your originality, inventiveness and technology.

But the harmony or discord score won’t be absolute and there’s a good chance that amid the harmony there’s discord and amid the discord there’s harmony. Whatever... the net Uranus harmony or discord score allows you to rate the functionality of your not-conscious individualistic thought activity. There’s a correlation between the two.

Take home message

Uranus in your birth chart allows you to learn about your individualistic urge and the role that individualism, originality, difference, independence and freedom are inclined to play in your life story.

There’s a direct correlation between Uranus and the strength and functionality of your individualistic urge; and a causal relationship between your not-conscious original-individualistic mental activity and your radical change life.

Author: DW Sutton

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