Your birth chart reveals your character and what already exists in your not-conscious soul-mind as a legacy of previous experience at the time of your birth; and the planets in the chart map dynamic not-conscious urges that get you going.

Neptune is the data reference for your utopian urge. It’s all about idealistic visions, daydreams, romantic ideals, fantasy wealth and escaping harsh reality; and your utopian urge has you daydreaming and fantasizing about your idyllic, perfect world.

Birth chart planets have quantitive and qualitative values and Neptune’s power/harmony or discord scores provide data pertaining to the strength and functionality of your utopian urge.

This dynamic driver expresses your desire to idealize, fantasize, daydream, imagine, dramatize, romanticize, scheme and promote.

You have imaginary ideals of yourself and your life and entertain dreams and visions of romantic love and easy wealth. In your imagination you can make a map of you future and create an alternate personal reality. 

Neptune allows you to gain an understanding of your utopian life and impulse to wishful think, fantasize, daydream and live in your imagination. 

Your imagination is amazing.  As a component of your consciousness it’s a part of you; and in your imagination you can leave your humdrum, ordinary daily life and travel to the extraordinary. You can imagine a personal utopian ideal: A glorious refuge where you can escape the real world.  

Neptune allows you to predict the role that utopian thoughts of romantic love, easy wealth and lazy living will play in your daily life; and to assess the efficacy of your fantasy thoughts to determine your level of gullibility and capacity to be tricked and fooled.

You look to Neptune to learn about your need to escape the harsh restraining walls of your personal pain and the monotony of your routine daily life and you do it your way by indulging in medical drugs, recreational drugs, films, television shows, computer games or romantic fiction etc. But the escapist fix provided by the drugs, movies, television shows, games and books is just a temporary fanciful relief. Reality always roars back.

The position of Neptune on your chart’s planet power summary indicates the relative strength of your not-conscious utopian urge; and its harmony or discord measures the functionality of your not-conscious idealistic-utopian thought activity.

You’re thinking Neptune thoughts when you’re wishful thinking, fantasizing, daydreaming of easy wealth, living in your imagination, creating idealistic visions or promoting your schemes. And the strength of Neptune in your birth chart reveals if they’re a permanent part of your thinking, a regular state of mind or just an occasional occurrence.

Power, harmony or discord

Your chart’s planet power summary measures two sets of Neptune data: Its relative strength which is fixed and its harmony or discord which is variable rather than absolute.

There’s a direct correlation between the strength of Neptune and the frequency at which you experience utopian type mental activity.

If Neptune has the highest astrodyne score it’s your dominant planet and it’s the dominant influence in your life. If its percentage score is above 8.3% you should rate it prominent. It indicates that Neptune is having an above average – prominent – influence in your life. If its percentage score is below 8.3% you should rate it non-prominent. And if it has a very low percentage score you should rate it weak.

The harmony or discord of Neptune allows you to rate its functionality as harmonious or discordant.

If Neptune has a harmony score you should rate your utopian urge harmonious.  It’s embedded with harmony that inclines towards pleasant daydreams and idealistic imaginings and harmonious psychokinetic power that works to attract fortunate experiences involving your imagination and the promotion of your dreams and schemes.

If Neptune has a (-) discord score you should rate your utopian urge discordant. It’s embedded with discord that inclines towards unrealistic flights of fancy, mystical aberrations and distressful oversensitivity that his difficulty dealing with harsh reality and discordant psychokinetic power that works to attract unfortunate experiences involving your misguided imaginings, gullibility and schemes that are unreliable and not what they seem to be.

But the harmony or discord score won’t be absolute and there’s a good chance that amid the harmony there’s discord and amid the discord there’s harmony. Whatever... the net Neptune harmony or discord score allows you to rate the functionality of your not-conscious utopian thought activity. There’s a correlation between the two.

Take home message

Neptune in your birth chart allows you to learn about your utopian urge and the role that schemes and your imagination, daydreams and wishful thoughts are inclined to play in your life story.

There’s a direct correlation between Neptune and the strength and functionality of your utopian urge; and a causal relationship between your not-conscious utopian mental activity and your idealistic-dream life.

Author: DW Sutton

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