Thinking astrologically

You can think about astrology in a number of ways.

You can think about it in terms of zodiac signs and fortune-telling; or as a way of gaining self-understanding; or as an evidence-based science-religion. And while these pragmatic descriptions give you an idea of its nature it is more aptly described as a way of thinking. 

Your capacity to understand your birth chart and apply concepts and ideas to its data requires astrological thinking. And developing this ability starts with a basic understanding of the language of the stars.  

It consists of 22 letters that combine into blueprints for the development of a special kind of intelligence and ability and learning the language is all about learning its alphabet.

Your birth chart

Your birth chart is a self-learning reference. It’s a map of your starter-pack and the events and conditions that will sustain your development unless you change what’s indicated. It pictures 22 symbols. These symbols stand for the planets and zodiac signs – the 22 letters in the astrology code – and they stand for concepts that can’t be directly inferred. 

They’re explained by astrology and how they express in your life starts with an understanding of the symbol. Effective thinking about a symbol requires an accurate description of what it stands for and you start to understand your astrology code by giving these symbols subjective verbal descriptions. 

Rote learning and the blind belief in other people’s opinions is unacceptable.

To understand the data provided by your birth chart, and the intelligence and ability it describes, you must learn to think about yourself astrologically. 

Thinking astrologically

Your birth chart provides personal truths. It will contradict misguided perceptions you may have developed of yourself so it’s in your best interest to learn to think about yourself astrologically.

It’s a process where you start with the basics and build on your knowledge; and the reward you’ll get for your effort is greater ability at thinking astrologically.  

The language of astrology communicates ideas for developing concepts and helps them to take shape in your mind. And new astrological ideas are the result of astrological thinking that describes, questions, argues, justifies and predicts.

Investigating and assessing the data in your birth chart requires astrological thinking and to do it correctly you need astrological data that has been tested and validated by statistical and other research. Working with erroneous data will result in unreliable, misguided assessments. 

Astrological thinking allows you to see your intelligence and ability development as a problem solving exercise that involves adequate adaptation to a constantly changing environment.

The essence of astrology is in the mental experience and the way in which thoughts, feelings and actions are being described. It’s a fundamental way of thinking about the thoughts, feelings and impulses that set your life in motion.  

Thinking astrologically is all about you gathering data from your birth chart and piecing it together to create an accurate picture of yourself. It’s a way of thinking that you can apply when assessing your intelligence and ability and how it can be best applied at any time in any place. 

Your now-astrology allows you to be future prepared. It allows you to manage your life in the most effective way. So it’s in your best interest to learn to think about yourself astrologically. 

Bilingualism is the regular use of two fluent languages and when you learn astrology you’ll be bilingual. Astrology will be your second language. It will allow you to integrate and organize your life in two languages. You will have the benefits and advantages that come with thinking, learning, living and solving problems astrologically.

Author: DW Sutton

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