Your birth chart is all about your mind and character. To be precise it’s a map of your unconscious mind and this dynamic world of not-conscious thoughts, feelings and impulses is embedded with powerful urges.

Each planet in your chart has its not-conscious psychological correlate. They allow you to learn about yourself and Jupiter provides big data pertaining to your religious urge.

Whether your religious urge expresses a desire to worship and lead a conventional religious life is primarily determined by your religious upbringing – your family’s religious beliefs.

Maybe you do identify with your religious beliefs. I’m a Christian, Catholic, Buddhist. Whatever … it’s just your way of letting other people know what you believe – not what you know. It’s a belief because you accept it as true without definite proof and you don’t know how to prove it for yourself. You’re actually placing your faith and trust in someone or something.

But in the age of science, religious imposture and rampant individuality maybe you’ve discarded religion and orthodox religious teachings. I’m an agnostic, atheist, nihilist. Many people have adopted New Age biological science as their philosophy. But science is ethics neutral.  It’s not concerned with what’s right or wrong. That’s the domain of religion. You rely on religion to provide you with moral principles. Without religion there is no ethics.

So, whatever your religious-philosophy it’s a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior and Jupiter in your birth chart provides valuable information pertaining to your moral compass.

Your backstory has a chapter entitled abundance, prosperity, generosity, faith and trust in parents, goodwill and hope and its psychological legacy – your religious urge – has been saved in memory in your not-conscious soul-mind.  

Jupiter in your birth chart allows you to gain an understanding of your religious life (whether you’re a Christian or atheist) and impulse for abundance. Honesty, integrity, fair play, justice, equity, benevolence, goodwill, tolerance, charity and reverence are the better angels in your soul. Your optimism is hopeful about the future or the success of something. Your joviality and good cheer make a big difference.

Your abundance thinking may involve a desire to make money and achieve financial prosperity and Jupiter in your birth chart reveals your potential to attain wealth and plenty. And you can use money to do good.

When thoughts of benevolence, veneration, hope, optimism, joviality, devotion, selling, goodwill and generosity are on your mind you’re thinking Jupiter thoughts. And the strength of Jupiter in your birth chart reveals if they’re a permanent feature of your thinking, a regular state of mind, or just an occasional occurrence.

Power, harmony or discord

Your chart’s planet power summary measures two sets of Jupiter data. One, its relative power or strength is fixed and constant; and two, its harmony or discord is most likely variable.

The position of Jupiter on your chart’s planet power summary allows you to rate its influence as prominent, non-prominent or weak.

If Jupiter has the highest astrodyne score it’s your dominant planet and the dominant influence in your life. If its percentage score is above 8.3% you should rate it prominent. This indicates that Jupiter is having an above average – prominent – influence in your life. If its percentage score is below 8.3% you should rate it non-prominent. And if it has a very low percentage score you should rate it weak.

There’s a direct correlation between the strength of Jupiter and the frequency at which you experience religious thoughts, feelings and impulses.

The harmony or discord of Jupiter allows you to rate its functionality as harmonious or discordant.

If Jupiter has a harmony score you should rate your religious urge harmonious and your religious thoughts and feelings as proficient and effective. They’re embedded with harmonious psychokinetic power that inclines towards abundance, wealth, generosity, philanthropy, joviality, optimism and goodwill.

If Jupiter has a (-) discord score you should rate your religious urge discordant and your religious thoughts and feelings as inept and ineffective. They’re embedded with discordant psychokinetic power that inclines towards luxurious living, self-indulgence, excess, extravagance, profligacy, over expansion, righteous pride, conceit, vanity, carelessness and obesity.

But the harmony or discord score won’t be absolute and there’s a good chance that amid the harmony there’s discord and amid the discord there’s harmony.  Whatever… the net Jupiter harmony or discord score allows you to rate the functionality of your not-conscious religious thinking.  There’s a correlation between the two.

Jupiter in astrology is designated the major benefic. It means its influence is favorable and beneficent. He does or produces good. And Jupiter in your birth through benefits, assistance and fortunate social contacts attracts one half of all your good fortune.

Take home messages

Jupiter in your birth chart allows you to learn about your religious urge and the role that abundance, optimism and joviality are inclined to play in your life story.

There’s a direct correlation between Jupiter and the strength and functionality of your religious urge; and a causal relationship between your not-conscious religious thoughts and feelings and your abundance-life.

Author: DW Sutton

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