The worst and best behaviors of each planet

One function of your birth chart is to give you honest, objective insight into your own behavior. The harmony or discord scores of your prominent planets allow you to assess the functional status of your keynote behavior and those with discord predispose to ineffective, dysfunctional behavior that is self-defeating and unrewarding.

But your inability to objectively assess chart data free from emotional prejudice is an ever present pitfall. Can you trust yourself to evaluate the data impartially? Maybe you should ask your best friend: What am I really like? Hopefully they can give you an unbiased, honest answer.

Dysfunctional behavior is a personal liability that impairs your work and social success; and your birth chart allows you to become aware of your misguided, ineffective behaviors and take steps to mend them. 

You can make them effective, constructive and productive. But you need to become self-aware. Self-ignorance has disastrous consequences; you’re not who you think you are and you can’t do what you think you can.

Discordant, ineffective Sun behavior is authoritarian, bossy, domineering, tyrannical, imperious, arrogant, supercilious, pompous, condescending, smug, stuck-up, cocky, boastful, narcissistic, pretentious, impudent, insolent, disrespectful, inconsiderate and/or over confident or unconfident.

Best practice Sun behavior is democratic, confident, self-assured, firm, conscientious, diligent, persistent, dependable, composed, humble, respectful, dignified, proud, considerate, kind, courageous and/or heroic.

Discordant, ineffective Moon behavior is inconstant, unreliable, fickle, moody, capricious, unstable, aimless, wayward, listless, dependent, apathetic, passive, docile, helpless, bored, gossipy, submissive, timid, overly compliant and/or easily offended.

Best practice Moon behavior is constant, stable, solicitous, nurturing, nourishing, caring, comforting, sympathetic, consoling, inquisitive, curious, adaptable, flexible and/or accommodating.

Discordant, ineffective Mercury behavior is unsettled, restless, fidgety, nervous, uptight, vacillating, irresolute, hesitant, changeable, forgetful, scatterbrained, absent-minded and/or loquacious.

Best practice Mercury behavior is perceptive, discerning, intelligent, clever, nerdy, alert, vigilant, thoughtful, decisive, discriminative and focused or concentrated.

Discordant, ineffective Venus behavior is pliant, yielding, amenable, fawning, silly, too eager to please, unrestrained, wanton, promiscuous and/or timid or bashful.

Best practice Venus behavior is affectionate, loving, tender, warm, gentle, amiable, joyful, friendly, courteous, polite, gracious and/or charming.

Discordant, ineffective Mars behavior is angry, belligerent, antagonistic, abusive, contentious, vengeful, bitter, hateful, malicious, spiteful, hostile, violent, harsh, impulsive, dangerous, rash, cruel, crude, vulgar, rude, insensitive and/or intoxicated or tipsy.

Best practice Mars behavior is enterprising, forceful, industrious, untiring, brave, resilient, audacious, intrepid, undaunted, daring, adventurous, active and/or driven.

Discordant, ineffective Jupiter behavior is conceited, vain, self-righteous, extravagant, lavish, unthinking, careless, over optimistic, devil-may-care, self-indulgent, profligate, patronizing, cavalier, pompous, portentous, uppish and/or grandiose.

Best practice Jupiter behavior is benevolent, tolerant, generous, charitable, forgiving, jovial, cheerful, mirthful, optimistic, hopeful, supportive, helpful, encouraging, grateful, honest, trustworthy, sincere, devout, pious and/or reverent.

Discordant, ineffective Saturn behavior is selfish, self-interested, greedy, covetous, secretive, envious, gloomy, pessimistic, down-beat, melancholic, sad, despairing, depressed, despondent, disappointed, fearful, anxious, worried, frightened, scared, petrified and/or terrified.

Best practice Saturn behavior is structured, planned, orderly, organized, cautious, patient, shrewd, persevering, assiduous, safe, careful, guarded, prudent, circumspect, down-to-earth, responsible, efficient, businesslike and/or sober.

Discordant, ineffective Uranus behavior is stunned, shocked, startled, freaked-out, bizarre, weird, ridiculous, outlandish, extreme, unreasonable, aberrant, disruptive, erratic, abrupt, detached, discontent, intolerant, bigoted, racist and/or chauvinistic.

Best practice Uranus behavior is original, distinct, inventive, innovative, ingenious, inspired, independent, self-reliant, unconventional, liberal, unprejudiced, open-minded, liberated, free, transparent and/or discrete.

Discordant, ineffective Neptune behavior is impractical, quixotic, vague, confused, gullible, perplexed, bamboozled, uncertain, unrealistic, delusional, fanciful, naïve, starry-eyed, over-imaginative, dishonest, deceitful, deceptive, fraudulent, fake, lazy, slothful and/or oversensitive.

Best practice Neptune behavior is idealistic, visionary, utopian, sensitive, empathetic, dedicated, dramatic, imaginative, romantic, enchanting, ecstatic, enthralling, captivating and/or fascinating.

Discordant, ineffective Pluto behavior is coercive, manipulative, menacing, divisive, obsessive, fanatical, compelling, enforcing, threatening, intimidating, cunning, shadowy, dark, wicked, unscrupulous, opaque, two-timing, corrupt and/or villainous.

Best practice Pluto behavior is cooperative, energetic, resourceful, persuasive, compelling, potent, collective, unifying, unselfish, team spirited, sharing, noble, magnanimous, humanitarian, public-spirited and/or spiritual.

Author: DW Sutton

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