Event forecasting


Event forecasting in global astrology

Events are inclined to occur not specified.

Forecast periods

They define an event’s time-frame.

The role of environment

It facilitates some events and negates others.

Global events ID tags ready reference

Tag events with their astro-signatures.

Mars-Jupiter aspects

Financial strife and religious violence are forecast.

Mars-Saturn aspects

They forecast destruction, loss, anger and despair.

Mars-Uranus conjunctions

They herald earth-shaking moments.

Mars-Neptune conjunctions

Injustice is righted by violent revenge.

Mars-Pluto aspects

They forecast violence, anger, hate and crime of the worst kind.

Jupiter-Saturn aspects

The event trend involves finances and economy.

Jupiter-Pluto aspects

They script events involving finances and cooperation.

Saturn-Pluto aspects

They forecast hardship and loss affecting large numbers of people.

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