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The daily news is a continuous stream of national and international events that have their astro-markers in the sky and various global astrology charts.

The planets place their signatures on these events and the aspects they form reveal if these events are inclined to be fortunate and good or unfortunate and bad.

In global astrology keywords associated with each planet allow you to identify an event’s astrological parent. 

Sun events ID tags: politics, government, President, Prime Minister, politician, leader, leadership, power, power struggle, boss, executive, royalty, monarch, king, queen, prince etc, person of prominence and celebrity

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age politics and the political decision making process is the chief activity influencing humanity’s affairs and progress.

Moon events ID tags: domestic, home, family, common/everyday people (women and men), general public, masses, civilians, food, groceries, commodities (grains, coffee), water, gossip and novelty

Important Moon events are timed by aspects involving the Moon in the Aquarian Age chart and the major global cycle charts.

Mercury events ID tags: science, scientist, scientific study/report, education, student, academic, intellectual activity, literary work, writer, journalist, think-tank, press, talk, debate, criticism and controversy

Talk, controversy and argumentation (Aquarius) are currently entrenched in Aquarian Age culture. Important Mercury events are timed by aspects involving Mercury in the Aquarian Age chart and the major cycle charts.

Venus events ID tags: woman, women, girl, social, social-set, socialite, love, beauty, beautiful, arts (painting, poetry, love song), the arts community, fashion, high fashion, cosmetics, peace and harmony

Libra, the sign ruled by Venus, stands for equality and with the equinox in the Libra decanate of Aquarius an outstanding trend since 1881 has been the struggle by women to attain equal rights and equality. Significant Venus events are timed by aspects involving Venus in the Aquarian Age chart and the major cycle charts.

Mars events ID tags: strife, danger, red-alert, aggression, conflict, dispute, row, feud, quarrel, warfare, missile, bomb, weapon, military, army, soldier, explosion, disaster, emergency, violence, shooting, gun, knife, police, accident, fire, wildfire, firefighter, emergency worker, infection, doctor, surgeon, sex, sexual violence, rape, sex industry, sex worker, alcohol, liquor industry, gambling, mechanics, machine, manufacturing, industrial worker, competition, physical exercise, speed, haste and urgency

Mars is the planet of construction. He builds and rebuilds. His anger and hate fuel destruction. Important Mars events are timed by Mars progressions in the Mars cycle and aspects involving Mars in the major cycle charts including the Moon and Sun cycles.

Jupiter events ID tags: finances, spending, extravagance, higher-prices, expansion, profit, currency, cryptocurrency, trade, commerce, ships, shipping, religion, God, pope, religious worker - minister, priest, cleric, rabbi, monk etc, religious festival, ethics, morals, honesty, philosophy, legal matter, law, courts, court cases, judges, philosophy, books, publishing, advertising, tourism, benevolence, charity, goodwill, generosity and tolerance

Jupiter is the planet of hope and optimism and major Jupiter events are timed Jupiter progressions in the Jupiter cycle and aspects involving Jupiter in the major cycle charts.

Saturn events ID tags: suffering, despair, pessimism, gloom, poverty, unemployment, recession, contraction, fall, economy, cost-cutting, cutback, lower-prices, bankruptcy, conservative, tradition, traditional, security, safety, safeguard, precaution, tariff, land, agriculture, farming, farmer, farm, mining, miner, mine, disease, epidemic, (covid-19), relic, old, old-age, storm, flood, drought and climate change,

Saturn is the planet of loss, hardship and fear and major Saturn events are timed by Saturn progressions in the Saturn cycle and aspects involving Saturn in the major cycle charts.

Uranus events ID tags: radical, radicalization, extreme, extremism, extremist, radical change, reform, reformist, disruption, left wing, lone-wolf, innovation, original , technology, big-tech, tech-sector, electronic devise, electricity, freedom, liberty, revolution, rebellion, riot, civil unrest, protest, demonstration, strike, boycott, racism, racial tension, surprise, shock, sensational, discovery, revelation, exposé, whistle-blower, psychology, archeology, astrology, different, difference and LGBTIQA

Uranus is the progressive, innovative ruler of Aquarius – the antithesis of Saturn, the sign’s co-ruler, who is regressive, reactionary and backward looking. Major Uranus events are timed by Uranus progressions in the Uranus cycle and aspects involving Uranus in the major cycle charts.

Neptune events ID tags: scheme, visionary, idealism, idealistic, promote, promotion, stock company, stocks/shares, inflation, socialism, socialist, big pharma, pharmaceutical, vaccine, poison, drug, drug pusher, aviation, plane, oil, gas, petroleum, fishing, white-collar crime, fraud, embezzle, embezzlement, Ponzi scheme, money laundering, insider trading, bribery, wage theft, identity theft, copyright infringement, forgery, scam, cheating, cheat, match fixing, slave, slavery, bondage, air pollution, drama, exaggeration and mystical

Neptune is planet of chaos and confusion. Major Neptune events are timed by Neptune progressions in the Neptune cycle and aspects involving Neptune in the major cycle charts.

Pluto events ID tags: group, crowd, mob, gang, team, teamwork, joint effort, cooperation, collaboration, unity, division, disunity, split, enforcement, coercion, compulsory, lockdown, terrorist, mass killing, kidnapping, hostage, thug, gangster, crime, crime network, propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, persuasion, threat, warning, intimidation, harassment, pressure tactic, stonewall, dictator, lobbyist,  bully, stalker, internet, television, radio, drastic, nuclear weapon, United Nations and humanitarian

Pluto is the planet of the highest moral spiritual principles and the lowest most vile, sinister impulses. Through group activity he contributes to the common good – or selfish advantage. Major Pluto events are timed by Pluto progressions in the Pluto cycle and aspects involving Pluto in the major cycle charts.

Author: DW Sutton

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