Event forecasting in global astrology

Scientific global astrology does not make precise predictions.

It uses cycle and other charts to forecast when a specific amount of planetary energy, possessing a specific amount of harmony or discord will impact a specified city or region. 

Event forecasting in global astrology must consider the astrological conditions mapped in the chart and the environmental setting in which the chart operates.  

They represent two dynamic variables that are in a constant state of change.  

So relying on the astrological chart to reveal the whole story is expecting astrology to do something that it can’t.

Event forecasting in global astrology is the application of science and technology to predict the influence of an astrological energy pattern in a specified chart on a given location.

Each global chart models a pattern of astrological energies and their influence on a specified place for a specific time-frame.  

It provides astrological information for now and in the future.

And the scientific understanding of the information permits event forecasting.

Event forecasting in global astrology

Global cycle charts are very good at timing astrological energy events but human input is required to describe the event in the chart and to pick the event that is most likely to occur.

The event forecast is based on an analysis of the astrological data and the circumstances on the Earth, but the chaotic nature of the global environment makes precise prediction difficult.

The global astrologer when forecasting an event is making statements about a situation that has not yet been observed.  

And because the forecast model specifies a time-range, during which the event can occur, it’s difficult to time precisely.  

Each astrological event has a peak power date which represents its tipping point.  

So with any forecast or prediction there’s a degree of risk and uncertainty.  

The chart model and its astrodyne data is used as the starting point of the event forecast.  

And the major global cycle charts used in Hermetic astrology can be viewed as a global event forecast system.

When assessing a future energy-event in any cycle chart the house position of the planet ruling the chart and its life-matters and affairs acts as the starting point from which emanates all the other important events that will occur during the life of the cycle.

And the energy-event as an aspect has a 1º orb of influence.  

The aspect’s time-frame is determined by the speed at which the chart’s ruler is traveling.  

The aspect reaches its critical peak energy state when it's at peak power.  

The event on the Earth usually occurs near this peak power date, but can be moved to any time within the designated time-frame by changing circumstance.  

The following guidelines can be observed

For aspects in the Mars cycle allow 36 hours either side of the aspect’s peak date, but if Mars is travelling slowly the aspect’s time-frame is correspondingly increased.

The Mars event on the Earth will usually occur near the aspect’s peak power date.  

The regularity at which Mars aspects are formed in his cycle chart explains why strife and violence events – bombing, explosions, shootings, murders, robberies, fights, rows, disputes, accidents and fires – occur so regularly on Earth.

For aspects in the Jupiter cycle allow 5 days either side of the aspect’s peak power date, but if Jupiter is traveling slowly the aspect’s time-frame is correspondingly increased.

For aspects in the Saturn cycle allow 10 days either side of the aspect’s peak power date, but if Saturn is traveling slowly the aspect’s time-frame is correspondingly increased.

For aspects in the Uranus cycle allow 30 days either side of the aspect’s peak date, but if Uranus is traveling slowly the aspect’s time-frame is correspondingly increased.

The aspects in the Neptune and Pluto cycles have the longest time-frame so allow 6 weeks or more.

In each instance the event mapped by the aspect will occur within the aspect’s time-frame, usually near its peak power date.

And consider that the most outstanding events will occur when a high-powered aspect is being formed. They are the conjunction, opposition, square and trine aspects.

Aspects formed by the planets in the sky have a wide time-frame that’s determined by the aspect’s orb of influence and the planet’s rate of motion.

Mars has the fastest rate of motion and Pluto has the slowest.  

So an aspect involving two slow moving planets, like Saturn and Neptune has a longer time-frame than one involving Mars and Uranus.  

The aspect in the sky starts when the planets enter the aspect’s orb of influence and reaches its critical peak date when the aspect is at peak power. And the time-frame for some aspects can be years.

Global cycle charts operate in a rapidly changing domestic and international environment.

The political, economic and moral compass is spinning erratically.

Progress takes place when problems – most often caused by infantile competition for power, glory and wealth and short-sighted self-interest that is unable to see the destructiveness of its own behavior – are overcome.

There’s a lot of media noise and your smart phone will allow you to keep up to date with what’s going on.

Elbert Benjamine is the man who deserves all the credit for developing the science of global event forecasting.

Great progress was made between 1924 and 1935 when the charts used in the forecasting were scientifically tested and the state of the astrological environment and its impact on a specified locality was scientifically investigated.  

The introduction of astrodyne data into the forecast analysis promises greater accuracy, but more research work needs to be done to test how the numbers work out in a specified energy-event and what happens here on Earth.

Author: DW Sutton

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