The role of environment

When forecasting events in astrology a birth chart or cycle chart acts as a reference point, but it’s not the only player in the game.

The local environment in which the chart operates plays an equally powerful role.

Every chart displays an image of the astrological environment. And the planets in the chart are located in houses that provide their special kinds of astrological energies with an environmental setting in which to express.

This environment facilitates some events and thwarts others so before you can start thinking about event forecasting you have to have a thorough knowledge of the events a specified environment facilitates.

You will never experience a heat wave living in Alaska.

Yet… while your local environment will facilitate some events and negate others it appears that when it comes to the world environment it’s anything goes.

When forecasting events in astrology we have to consider the forces operating in a birth chart and the environment in which the chart is expressing and a powerful astrological force meeting little environmental resistance is a sure sign that the event it forecasts is going to occur.

In our global events forecasts we forecast terror attacks and suicide bombings, but these events are daily occurrences.

They often occur in obscure places that you’ve never heard of, with only one or two people injured, but nevertheless an attack occurs because a destructive astrological force is expressing in an environment where the resistance to the force is reduced to zero.

Terror attacks vary greatly in their level of destruction and when the power of a destructive astrological force escalates an attack can occur in a place where a high level of security reduces the risk.

So… in some places a slight amount of pressure exerted by a destructive astrological force can see an attack, which rarely receives any media attention.

But when the astrological pressure escalates, places that are relatively secure become targets and when this occurs the media, being influenced by the astrological pressure, provides a non-stop coverage of the attack.

In our global events forecasts we note the dates when an aspect in the Mars cycle – as a destructive astrological force – will occur and forecast a Mars event – an act of violence, attack, row, accident or fire.

More often than not on the date indicated a Mars event receives major news coverage because the astrological pressure is high and the environmental resistance is low.

This same principle applies to your own chart and life.

Your life embraces life-matters, activities, people and places that represent your local environment.

It might be safe and relatively risk free or it might be very risky and dangerous.

Whatever… it favors some events and thwarts others.

And you should have a thorough knowledge of your local environment and the events it strongly favors.

These environments are the ones ruled by the active houses in your birth chart – that’s a house where a planet is located – and they require your regular attention.

You can gain sufficient knowledge of astrology, your birth chart, progressed aspects and local environment to accurately forecast when an event involving a specified life-matter, activity or social relationship is inclined to occur in your life.

And if the indicators forecast an unfortunate event that’s not to your liking you can take precautionary measures to prevent its occurrence or at least reduce the scope of its mishap and misfortune.

Author: DW Sutton

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