Mars-Saturn aspects

Mars is the planet of war, conflict, disputation, violence, missiles, bombs, military-matters, red alerts, emergency situations, strife, guns, shootings, banditry, anger, hate, revenge, recklessness, alcohol, gambling, viruses, infections, accidents and fires.

It rules the army, police, firefighters, industrial workers, emergency service workers, doctors and surgeons.

Saturn is the planet of safety, caution, precautionary measures, security issues, conservatism, traditional values, economy, cut-backs, economic slumps, recessions, lower-prices, bargains, shortages, land and environmental issues, farming, mining, fear, anxiety, selfishness, loss, disease, epidemics, hardship, suffering, poverty, natural resources like coal, the weather, droughts, storms and floods.

It rules conservative thinkers, farmers, miners, laborers, weather forecasters and the elderly. 

Mars-Saturn aspects forecast events that merge strife, conflict, violence, emergency, urgency, the military, police, doctors, guns, fires and accidents with safety, economy, contraction, falling prices, recession, disease, public health, poverty, hardship, basic utilities, buildings, crops on the land, destruction by storm, miners and farmers.

Conjunction and parallel aspects forecast events of major importance that attain prominent media coverage. 

Opposition and square aspects forecast separations and obstacles and the economic and social problems associated with barriers, conflict and things being torn apart.

Trine and sextile aspects forecast luck and opportunity and the ease and economic-social progress associated with good fortune and successful adaptation to changing circumstance.

The general event trend involves war; war fears; heavy casualties in the war zones; territorial disputes; land grabs; military retreats; restrained hostilities; shootings; gun violence; violence prevention measures; emergency security situations; red alerts; disease; public health emergencies; epidemics; poverty driven rage; angry farmers; farming disputes; angry miners; mining disputes: coal warring; accidents; mining accidents; tariffs to protect workers; a manufacturing recession; shortages; hate and fear; wall building; storms; floods; mudslides; earthquakes; volcanic eruptions; environmental disasters; climate disputes; violence and climate migrants; and fires.

The house location/locations of Mars and Saturn in a specified chart define the mundane matters directly impacted by their energy event and this permits reliable event forecasting.

Author: DW Sutton

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