Mars-Jupiter aspects

Mars is the planet of war, conflict, disputation, violence, missiles, bombs, military-matters, red alerts, emergency situaitons, strife, guns, shootings, banditry, anger, hate, revenge, recklessness, alcohol, gambling, viruses, infections, accidents and fires.

It rules the army, police, firefighters, industrial workers, emergency service workers, doctors and surgeons.

Jupiter is the planet of finances, banks, commerce, trade, retail sales, higher prices, expansion, generosity, goodwill, abundance, law, legal matters, the courts, judges, arbitration, treaties, shipping, long journeys, religion, advertising and the public expression of opinion.

It rules bankers, traders, merchants, judges, philosophers, philanthropists, preachers, clerics and rabbis.

Mars-Jupiter aspects forecast events that merge strife, conflict, violence, urgency, emergency, the military, police, doctors, guns, fires and accidents with finances, banks, higher prices, trade, religion, courts, legal matters, new laws, court cases, publishing, books, advertising, hope, optimism, abundance, generosity, bankers and religious leaders.

Conjunction and parallel aspects forecast events of major importance that attain prominent media coverage. 

Opposition and square aspects forecast separations and obstacles and the economic and social problems associated with barriers, conflict and things being torn apart.

Trine and sextile aspects forecast luck and opportunity and the ease and economic-social progress associated with good fortune and successful adaptation to changing circumstance.

The general event trend involves strife for the financial sector; financial disputes; currency wars; urgent financial stimulus; a war on banks; attacks on financial institutions; strife for the church and God’s worker’s; attacks on religion; a Holy War; religion inspired violence; burning churches; bickering at the trade talks; a trade war; escalating violence; increased military spending; a boost to the weapons trade; judicial rows; harsh laws; swift law-making; publishing rows; a gambling frenzy; increased sales of alcohol; a shipping-maritime dispute; an attack on a ship; a shipping accident; strife for the cruise liner industry; and fires.

The house location/locations of Mars and Jupiter in a specified chart define the mundane matters directly impacted by their energy event and this permits reliable event forecasting.

Author: DW Sutton

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