Mars-Pluto aspects

Mars is the planet of war, conflict, violence, missiles, bombs, military-matters, red alerts, emergency situaitons, strife, guns, shootings, banditry, anger, hate, uncivil behavior, revenge, alcohol, gambling, accidents, fires, viruses and infections.

It rules the army, police, firefighters, industrial workers, doctors and surgeons.

Pluto is the planet of groups, group activity, crowds, mobs, gangs, teamwork, cooperation, a unified position, division, the splitting into opposing factions, the United Nations, crime, corruption, coercion, persecution, political repression, human rights abuse, opaqueness, coercion, intimidation, threats, manipulation, commissions, drastic events, crime, corruption, propaganda and misinformation.

It rules humanity’s best and worst – humanitarian workers, human rights activists, gangsters, racketeers, criminals, dictators, tyrants and wolves with charming smiles.  

Mars-Pluto aspects forecast events that merge strife, conflict, violence, emergency, urgency, the military, police, doctors, guns, fires and accidents with crowds, group activity, mass gatherings, compulsory cooperation, division, disunity, drastic action, crime, corruption, commissions, misinformation and the suppression of facts.

Conjunction and parallel aspects forecast events of major importance that attain prominent media coverage. 

Opposition and square aspects forecast separations and obstacles and the social problems associated with barriers, conflict and things being torn apart.

Trine and sextile aspects forecast luck and opportunity and the ease and social progress associated with good fortune and successful adaptation to changing circumstance.

The general event trend involves warfare; drastic conflict situations; military coups; war crimes; terror attacks; gang warfare; angry mobs; mob violence; vile crime; sex crimes; mass shootings; mass murders; death; division; violent splits in coalitions; aggressive moves by dictators; nuclear weapons; urgent international cooperation; coalition building; forceful coercion; intimidation; threats; insidious brutality; hate; barbaric behavior; bigotry; information warfare; aggressive misinformation campaigns; cyberattacks; cyber warfare; police corruption; attacks on humanitarian workers; accidents involving groups of people; and fires.

The house location/locations of Mars and Pluto in a specified chart define the mundane matters directly impacted by their energy event and this permits reliable event forecasting.

Author: DW Sutton

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