The Age of Aquarius


The Age of Aquarius start date guessing game

Everyone is still working with the wrong premise.

Ascertaining when the Age of Aquarius started

The great puzzle is solved.

Fact-check: Aquarius

It’s chief social and cultural trends explained.

The Aquarian Age chart

It’d data and keynote factors.

Six Aquarian Age charts

The charts for America, Britain, Russia, China, India and Australia.

Aquarius: The central themes

Everything you need to know.

Mars parallel Saturn (2/2017 – 3/2024)

It’s all about climate change, strife and land disputes.

Mars parallel Pluto (4/2018 – 7/2025)

It forecasts dangerous division, information warfare and perilous moments.

Mars parallel Pluto in 2018

International tensions escalated.

Mars parallel Uranus (9/2019 – 12/2026)

It forecasts rapid technological change and extremist violence.

Aquarius and the age of right and left-wing extremism

Saturn and Uranus are driving the political agenda.

The Age of Aquarius in 2020

The world was online, digitized, divided and fractured.

A snapshot of Mars-Saturn-Uranus in 2020

Conflict and fear blocked progressive change.

The Age of Aquarius in 2021

It struggled to recover from covid-19 and it’s economic fallout.

The Age of Aquarius in 2022

Mars and Jupiter pulled the strings.

Voodoo astrology in the Age of Aquarius

Sun-sign astrologers peddle ridiculous nonsense.

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