The Aquarian Age chart

The data for the Age of Aquarius is January 19, 1881 at 8.56.42pm GMT.

Since then many countries have changed their administrative capital and when this occurs it seems reasonable to assume that the chart would relocate to the new capital.

The Aquarian Age chart can be called the world chart or master chart, but there is no single chart to consult.

Each country has its own chart. Place specifies its layout so the planets in different charts are located in different houses.

And each country has its own political, economic and social agenda – a national set of circumstances.

Individual charts are forecast models that time when the events and conditions signified by the chart can occur.

The chart provides a blueprint for political, economic and social development in the age of knowledge, scientific discovery, altruistic endeavor and technological progress.

Human rights and humanitarian issues are key concerns.

Major progressed aspects

Progressed planets form major progressed aspects with birth chart or other progressed planets.

A progressed aspect has a start, peak and finish date and the major event or events it signs for can only occur during its time-frame.

You need to know that the outstanding events that happen are always characteristic of the planets involved in the major progressed aspects but the same major progressed aspect operating in two different charts can attract quite different events of national importance.

In the Pluto Period of the Aquarian Age you can view the world as a group of countries where each is influencing and being influenced by the actions and reactions of the others.

The equinox

The equinox – the chart’s key marker – backs through Aquarius forming progressed aspects with birth chart and progressed planets.

These aspects time when the planet and its agenda will play a lead role in global affairs.

The equinox has a very slow rate of motion so its aspects have a long time-frame.

The equinox is currently square progressed Pluto.

The Aquarian Age chart is in a state of dynamic flux.

It’s constantly releasing new energies and humanity responds accordingly.

New events and developments – except weather events and natural disasters – always involve human behavior and endeavor.

Author: DW Sutton

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