Voodoo astrology in the Age of Aquarius

The general public has never had easy access to evidence-based astrological information. The very popular Sun-sign astrology is an aberration – a delinquent child that has strayed from its glorious parent.  

The Sun-sign astrologers and their websites with free daily forecasts have greatly exaggerated the influence of the Sun-sign. And the astrological nonsense they peddle not only influences the public’s perceptions of astrology it provides astrology’s enemies with damaging ammunition.

Sun-sign astrology is voodoo astrology and the Sun-sign astrologers have done enormous harm to scientific astrology by spreading misinformation. They keep the public in the dark and do astrology a grave injustice. 

The simplifying of technical information is common in all fields of science. The simplified role of genes in human behavior – ‘it’s in my DNA’ – is one example and the voodoo astrologers have simplified the role of the Sun-sign in astrology to the point of absurdity. 

With only one factor – a Sun-sign – influencing your behavior and everything else that happens in your life, this popular misconception of a great science can only be described as single influence or mono astrology.

The Sun-sign defines a single feature in a very complex character composed of many different traits; and Sun-sign astrology is like a tennis player only having one shot – a serve, backhand, volley or lob – and nothing else: Or a composer writing a symphony using only one piano key.

One hundred people born with the Sun in the sign Cancer will display certain features common to Cancer. They will all have something in common, but each has a character that is far more complex than their Cancer Sun-sign.

Sun-sign astrology is bad astrology – it stereotypes people. Its practitioners interpret a complex system of conduct using a simply behavior theory. Rather than acknowledging the existence of a dynamic character operating in a changing environment it provides a simple, fatalistic explanation of behavior.

The astrological skyscape depicted in a reliably timed birth chart pictures the entire character; and when character is scientifically discerned by referencing a reliably timed birth chart astrology becomes great.

There’s more to astrology than the Sun-sign

To be easily understood complex scientific information must be simplified; and while lay people can easily grasp the concept of simple Sun-sign astrology they need to know that there is more to astrology than the Sun-sign.

A birth chart constructed for your time, date and place of birth is a self-information resource. It provides reliable data pertaining to your mind, character and life story. You need to realize this and when the public realizes it too it will be in a position to know the difference between true scientific astrology, the irrelevance of Sun-sign astrology and fortune telling by the stars.

Fortune-telling by the stars involves the application of extrasensory perception to birth chart data to discern future events and its practice has led many people to believe that events indicated by astrology are inevitable and unalterable. This is a fallacy and erroneous notion.

Voodoo astrologers don’t know what a birth chart is or its role and function in human life. They rely on untested astrological beliefs, and feelings, hunches and psychic impressions stimulated by symbols placed in and around a circle, to gain insight into an individual’s character and life.  

Scientific astrology on the other hand applies a systematic procedure based on nature’s laws to mine the data a birth chart contains. It provides information that when learned and understood becomes knowledge; and you can apply this knowledge to your birth chart to discover your life story and who you are.

Scientific astrology provides facts based on observation and statistical research. Your character, as indicated by your chart, is not set in cement. Events in your life are not foreordained. You can change what’s indicated in your birth chart.

Scientific astrology provides an important, worthwhile public service. It provides people with the facts of astrology and allows them to recognize the fallacies being spread by the voodoo astrologers and their Sun-sign astrology.

Author: DW Sutton

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