Aquarius: The central themes

Aquarius in the sky is depicted by a man holding an urn.

The urn contains knowledge and it’s pouring onto the Earth.

Aquarius is an intellectual sign. It’s motivated to learn, teach and acquire knowledge. But unlike its predecessor, Pisces, this knowledge must be evidence-based and thoroughly tested to confirm its veracity not accepted on blind belief or supposition.

Aquarius is a truth seeker who demands conclusive evidence.

It’s a progressive, scientific, humanitarian sign whose chief interest is the human condition – both mental and physical.

It’s interested in science, politics, religion and invention and tends to view things from the standpoint of society at large.

Aquarius supplements the soul’s search for self-knowledge by providing astrological data.

Driven by humanitarian impulses its altruism is the highest form of intelligence.

Its worst quality is argumentation and political and other squabbling is frequently seen on the world stage.

The Libra decanate

In 1881 the vernal equinox backed into the Libra decanate of Aquarius pictured in the sky by Cetus, the whale monster.

Libra is the sign of marriage and partnership. It rules equality and justice and since 1881 humanity’s journey has involved liberation movements demanding equal rights and justice.

But this decanate symbolizes grave dangers: the loveless marriage, marriage abuse, social inequalities, racial prejudice, self-interest, materialistic motives and atheism that chain the human soul to the rock of materialism.

They have to be eradicated by proper knowledge and education.

The trend of this influence will last approximately 716 years.

The Sun section: January 1881–October 2187

Each astrological age has seven sections and when the vernal equinox moved to Aquarius it signaled the start of the Sun section of the Aquarian Age.

The Sun is the planet of power, politics and governance and in this Sun section power and politics are keynote themes.

Aquarius is a democratic zodiac sign but the Sun section is all about imperialism and in the Age of Aquarius representative democracy and totalitarian forms of government cannot exist side by side.

The Sun recognizes no equal – it must rule supreme – so there’s an incessant struggle for power and world domination by some countries.

Aquarius encourages invention and the striving for power and dominance has seen the invention of weapons of mass destruction.

The country with the most nuclear weapons has the most power and a balance of power (Libra) has been established.

The fear of war and the brutality of war keep humanity chained to a world of frightful thoughts, feelings and impulses that anaesthetize spiritual aspiration and endeavor.

The Sun square Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart signs for nationalism, conservative political trends, incompetent governance, failures in leadership, self- interest, greed-based power and fear-based politics.

The trend will last for 306 years.

The Pluto period

The Pluto period commenced with the discovery of Pluto in 1930.

The chart data is February 18, 1930 at 4.00pm MST, 35N12; 111W39.

Pluto expresses two extremes classified as Higher and Lower-Pluto.

Higher-Pluto identifies a thought-force that’s characterized by high moral standards, honesty, cooperative effort and pro-active concern for the welfare of others. There’s no discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, partisanship or intolerance.

Lower-Pluto identifies a thought-force that’s characterized by selfishness, dishonesty, vileness, corruption and coercion. There’s no decency, decorum, propriety or concern for others. Self-interest is the driving force.

Lower-Pluto is pulling the strings

Lower-Pluto sources behavior that is selfish, vile, wicked, corrupt, dishonest and despicable. It’s the lowest rung on the behavior spectrum.

Its destructiveness knows no bounds and it’s very widespread.

Lower-Pluto is actively engaged in the very cunning practice of inversion – distorting facts and spreading misinformation.

Its insidious practices have infiltrated every area of public and private life.

By creating division and disunity Lower-Pluto impedes progress.

Pluto’s discovery in 1930 ushered in the age of groups, special interest groups, dictators, lobbyists, crime, corruption and horrible events.

Coercion is considered a proper and acceptable behavior.

The Pluto period has an unknown time-frame.

Saturn and Uranus

Aquarius has two rulers – Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn stands for selfishness, fear and materialism. It’s a conservative, traditional thinker. Self-interest, insecurity, greed and fear drive its agenda.

On the up side Saturn is a great organizer who makes careful plans and shoulders heavy responsibility.

Uranus stands for individual rights, democracy, progress and reform. It’s a progressive, reformist thinker. Freedom, personal liberty, human rights, innovation and the investigation of the unknown drive its agenda.

On the down side Uranus is an extremist who peddles extreme views.

And the diametrically opposed nature of these two planets represents the great divide that explains the world today.

Uranus is the planet of technology, but technology won’t liberate society from its fears and insecurities.

How the future unfolds directly involves humanity and how it responds to the progressed aspects involving Saturn and Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart.

The equinox is square Pluto

The precessional pointer or vernal equinox moved to Aquarius in January 1881 and in April 1986 it moved to form a square aspect with progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart.

This high-discord aspect, involving the planet of groups, disunity, coercion, inversion and drastic events, reached peak power in late October 2013.

Its occurrence during the Pluto period intensifies and enhances the influence of Lower-Pluto’s henchmen and special interest groups.

They’re active around the world and their sole intent is to feather their own nests and grab what they can for themselves.

Some use fear and terror to get what they want. Others distort facts and spread lies and misinformation. They’re all wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This aspect has many years to run so Lower-Pluto isn’t going away.

The bad stuff has to be confronted, resisted and vanquished.

Author: DW Sutton

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