Fact-check: Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius commenced when the vernal equinox backed into the zodiac sign Aquarius.

The zodiac is a belt of astral energy that circles the Earth. It’s comprised of 12 signs and the extent of each zodiac sign is 30 degrees.

The 12 major constellations are groups of stars that depict simple icons that portray the traits and qualities of their corresponding zodiac signs and each varies in its extent. The largest is Virgo, followed by Aquarius, Leo and Pisces. The smallest constellation is Capricorn. It’s one-third the size of Virgo.

And in astrology a planet’s sign location (not its constellated position) is the data point that counts.

According to astronomers the equinox in 2022 is in the constellation Pisces and many so-called astrologers use this data to conclude that we are still in the Age of Pisces. But the Age of Aquarius was destined to commence when the equinox backed into the zodiac sign Aquarius not the zodiacal constellation Aquarius; and Elbert Benjamine reckons this occurred on January 19, 1881 at 8.56.42pm GMT when the Sun entered the zodiac sign Aquarius.

He explained that as humanity transitions from one astrological age into another, institutions which have crystallized in accordance with the vibratory rate of the passing era are reformed by forces of another frequency to meet the demands of the New Civilization. And from 1881 to 1953 the birth of Aquarius involved harsh difficulites – devastating wars, political conflict and economic calamity – as humanity transitioned from the Piscean way of life to the new Aquarian Age civilization.

The old Piscean Age was defined by religious belief, spiritual mystery, unsubstantiated teachings, subservience to ruling authority and superstition; and the new Aquarian Age would be defined by scientific knowledge, amazing technologies, liberation movements, freedom and autonomy.

The constellation Aquarius depicts a man holding an urn and a measuring stick. The urn, which is tipped, contains knowledge and its symbolic message pertains to knowledge (possessed by astral intelligences) that is being poured onto the Earth.

Fact-check Aquarius

Aquarius has an I know attitude. It’s motivated to acquire evidence-based scientific knowledge and we expect by around 4029 when the Age of Aquarius comes to end that humanity will know absolutely everything about absolutely everything.

Aquarius demonstrates advanced knowledge and expresses an altruistic attitude. It bestows mental factors pertaining to altruism – the highest form of intelligence. Altruistic behavior contributes to the common good. It’s motivated to alleviate suffering. Its immediate goal is to help improve the welfare of another person.

Aquarius is a theoretical powerhouse. It develops and proves theories using the scientific method. It developed the theory of reciprocal altruism: If I’m obliged to do something for you then you must be obliged to do something for me. This theory from the mind of a five-year-old has not been proved; and neither has the morally sound idea that you help yourself by helping someone else.

For Aquarius it’s the social rather than the personal that counts. It’s motivated by a full consideration of how everything and everyone will be affected by a particular course of action.

Aquarius emphasizes proper education as the means to a finer humanity. It knows that successful daily living requires reliable information, evidence-based data and informed comment; and its exceptional understanding of human nature makes it a gifted judge of character.

But Aquarius, with all its knowledge and clever smartness, has some really dumb faults. It’s very inclined to squabble and argue and take the opposing point of view just for the sake of debate. It can argue the point all day long which achieves absolutely nothing and is a complete waste of time.

And it can depersonalize life. It easily develops disinterest and detachment, especially in regard to politics; and detachment signs for a lack of engagement and/or low level commitment.

These misguided attitudes are behavioral defects that will antagonize the success potential of the Aquarian Age civilization. As impediments to forward progress they need to be recognized, understood and harmonized through advanced educational instruction.

Author: DW Sutton

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