Aquarius and the age of right and left-wing extremism

In global astrology the Sun is the planet of politics.

He represents a moderate political position that is neither excessive nor extreme.

But in the Sun section of the Aquarian Age the drivers of the political agenda are Saturn and Uranus – the co-rulers of Aquarius.

The Sun represents the moderate center ground and Saturn and Uranus represent the right and left wing political agendas that advocate policies that swing far to the right or left of the reasonable limits set by the Sun.

And here on Earth the extreme political situation in 2017 has evolved out of recent astrological events occurring in the sky and the Aquarian Age chart.

In a commentary currently on our website – Uranus square Pluto in the sky – we wrote:

‘From June 24, 2012 to March 17, 2015 Uranus and Pluto formed seven square aspects and each one marked for menacing moment.

Uranus is represented by the freedom-fighters and radical extremists.

Lower-Pluto is represented by terrorist groups and it’s more insidious than you ever imagined. Its chief method of destruction is inversion – the subtle distortion of facts – and these days the inversion is so understated and cunning that it’s missed by even the most astute observer.

Lower-Pluto is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a devious trouble-maker disseminating a vile, evil message.

And special privilege and special interest groups are using subtle inversion to create a public opinion that’s favorable to their purpose.’

In a commentary – The Aquarian Age chart in 2015-2016 – we wrote:

‘In November 2013 progressed Venus moved to form a prominence (conjunction) aspect with progressed Saturn.

Venus is the planet of love, affection, social cohesion, beauty, the arts, fashion, cosmetics, joy and fun; and Saturn is the planet of fear, selfishness, conservatism, nationalism, economy, austerity, debt, public health issues, security measures, protection, fences, barriers, grief and suffering. 

Saturn rules the farmer and miner – the farming and mining sectors; destructive weather events and natural disasters; and disease and epidemics. 

He causes people to become frightened, self-centered and greedy – to economize and stop spending.

Progressed Venus conjunction progressed Saturn marks for poverty, hardship, unemployment, fear and despair and the impact these things are having on the social fabric of communities’.

And in a commentary published September 9, 2015 – The Aquarian Age chart in 2016 – that’s currently on our website we wrote:

‘In December 2014 progressed Sun moved to form an obstacle (square) aspect with birth chart Uranus.

The aspect will reach peak power and discord on January 13, 2016.

The Sun is the planet of politics, politicians, political policies and world leaders.

He’s in charge of the show – the means by which those with elected political power take their constituents into the future.

Uranus is the planet of discontentment, social unrest, strikes, protests, demonstrations, revolutions, extremism, extremists, radical action, freedom, liberty, reform, exposé, revelation and technology.

The aspect marks for extremist politics and weird politicians with extreme agendas, political discontentment, anti-government sentiment, anti-government demonstrations; political exposés, unexpected political developments, sudden political changes, revolutions and uprisings.’

We see progressed Sun square birth chart Uranus and progressed Venus conjunction progressed Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart as the chief astrological events influencing Britain’s exit from the EU and Donald Trump’s election as US president.

Pluto square Uranus in the sky had already created division and disunity and we see the world today as a house divided where Saturn’s conservative, selfish forces do battle with liberal thinkers, radicals and reformers.

Saturn and the conservative  right-wing – agenda

With Saturn, the orthodox ruler, of Aquarius you enter the world of conservative right-wing politics.

It’s where the unknown future is approached with cautious rear-vision thinking and both feet on the brake.

For Saturn the known past is the safest option.

He’s traditional, ultra-conservative, selfish and easily frightened so he gives Uranus and its progressive agenda the thumbs down.

A conservative is a person who is averse to change and holds traditional values.

A traditionalist is a person who advocates the upholding or maintenance of tradition.

A conformist is a person who conforms to established practice or accepted standards. And a reactionary is a person who opposes political or social progress or reform.

A right-winger is a person who supports or belongs to the conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system.

A right-wing extremist is a person who belongs to a hate group (Mars-Pluto) that targets racial, ethnic and religious minorities.

Right-wing extremism supports ethnic nationalism.

And a right-wing populist is a person who rejects the current political consensus and often combines laissez-faire, ethnocentrism and anti-elitism.

Populism appeals to the ‘common man’ (Moon), but is opposed by the political elites (Sun).

Uranus and the reformist  left-wing  agenda

With Uranus, the progressive ruler of Aquarius, you enter the world of radical left-wing politics.

It’s where the unknown future invites change, reform and experimentation with one foot on the accelerator.

For Uranus the past is an anachronism and the future is an anomaly waiting to happen.

Uranus is the realm of liberal thinking, radical views, dissent, extremism, change and reform.

A liberal is a person who is willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions that are different to their own.

A progressive is a person who is open to or favors new ideas, policies or methods, especially in politics.

A dissenter is a person who holds or expresses opinions at variance with those commonly or officially held.

And a dissident is a person who opposes official policy – especially the policy of an authoritarian (Sun) state.

A protester is a person who publicly demonstrates their opposition to something.

An agitator is a person who urges others to protest or rebel.

An activist is a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.

And a reformer is a person who supports or brings about change.

A radical is a person who advocates fundamental or revolutionary change in current practices, conditions, or institutions.

A left-winger is a person who supports or belongs to the radical, reforming, or socialist section of a political party or system.

A revolutionary is a person who advocates or engages in political revolution.

A rebel is a person who rises in armed resistance against an established leader or government.

And a freedom fighter is a person who takes part in a revolutionary struggle to achieve a political goal, especially in order to overthrow their government.

An extremist is a person who holds extreme political or religious views and who advocates illegal, violent or other extreme action.

A left-wing extremist is a person who adapts their political activities to revolutionary or anarchist ideas and who endeavors to replace the existing political and social order with a socialist, communist or anarchist society.

Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body (Sun). It’s primarily advocated by individual anarchists who propose replacing government with voluntary institutions.

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age politics is the central issue, but in the Pluto period the political arena has become a battlefield where the advocates of conflicting political views campaign and clash.

The age of right and left-wing extremism represents a great divide where those who advocate fundamentalist, rear vision thinking, self-interest and selfishness and those who champion enlightened, progressive thinking, altruistic endeavor and consideration for others have conflicting worldviews.

Author: DW Sutton

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