Mars-Saturn aspects event trend

Mars is parallel Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart and major events pertaining to this aspect can occur when Mars is parallel or conjunction Saturn in the sky or the Mars cycle.

Mars is the planet of strife, conflict, violence, bombs, explosions, aggressive force, the military, police officers, guns, anger, hate, alcohol, gambling, accidents, fires, firefighters, mechanics, manufacturing and the construction industry.

Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy, conservatism, protectionism, safety, security, land, buildings, laborers, farmers, agriculture, tariffs, miners, the mining sector, natural resources, coal, lumber, economy, falling prices, the weather, storms, floods, droughts, natural disasters, basic utilities, the insurance industry, poverty, hardship, fear, loss and despair.

Their conjunction, parallel, opposition and square aspects in the sky and the Mars and Saturn cycle charts forecast war; war fears; cold-warring; land disputes; poverty inspired violence; hate inspired conservatism; fear mongering; tariff wars; a manufacturing slow-down; massive building and infrastructure projects; cost saving by manufacturers; a climate emergency; catastrophic red alerts; destructive weather events; storms; floods; droughts; wildfires; harsh security measures; walls and razor wire to keep people out; angry farmers; people stampeding to flee the gun shots; infectious diseases; starvation and disease; dangerous debt levels; destructive traditions; and strife and struggle.

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