Let there be light

Without light there is darkness and here on Earth darkness is banished by the light of knowledge.

Knowledge can mean the difference between success and failure, life and death.

In the Age of Aquarius it’s claimed that education and knowledge is power.

Whatever, true knowledge brings you into the light.

It liberates you from ignorance.

Enlightenment is a mind place where false information regarding spiritual things has been deleted.

It’s a state of mind that’s defined by personal spiritual truths regarding who you are, why you exist and your future role in God’s great evolutionary plan.


The opposite of spiritual enlightenment is darkness.

Darkness is a mind place where false and misleading information has taken hold.

Spiritual truths can be inverted to distort their meaning.

You have access to religious teachings regarding God and a spiritual life after physical death but they’re mostly false.

They don’t bring you into the light.

You have access to physical-biological knowledge that enlightens you in regard to your physical body but it doesn’t bring you into the light of spiritual knowledge.

Spiritual knowledge rids you of the darkness imposed by ignorance, lies and misinformation.

It’s a state of mind defined by enlightenment.

Let there be light

Before knowledge there was ignorance.

So the ancient magi went in search of knowledge and discovered the soul, astrology and the birth chart.

They were spiritual scientists who devoted their time to seeking out the correspondences between the human soul and the universe.

They sought information about the soul and the relationship of the planets and zodiac signs to things on the Earth.

The knowledge concerns life, the soul, astrological forces, the eternal evolution of soul intelligence and God, the grand intelligence who’s in charge of the show.

Their science explains the nature of the soul and the conditions it would encounter in the future when earthly life is done.

The first astrologers gained their spiritual knowledge over thousands of years.

They checked, and rechecked, for accuracy.

Their research methodologies ensured that the facts were facts.

They called their knowledge astrology.

It’s the science of the soul and stars.

It provides a key to all spiritual possibilities.

The knowledge of the ancient magi was profound and wondrous.

They uploaded it into the sky and like all knowledge it’s recorded and saved in the astral world.

You can view spiritual knowledge as occult, esoteric or mysterious.

But, whatever, it can be scientifically investigated and tested to determine its veracity.

You should never blindly accept knowledge just because some authority claims that’s the way it is.

The light keeps getting brighter

The ancient magi lived in environmental circumstances that supported high level psychic and spiritual development.

And since then, as conditions here on Earth became harsher, the consciousness of the human soul has descended to an almost unspiritual state.

Great changes have occurred since the ancient magi discovered the spiritual light.

But their spiritual knowledge wasn’t the last word on the matter.

Knowledge building is ongoing and with more scientific evidence-based spiritual knowledge the light keeps getting brighter.

But the light is more than glorious knowledge that enlightens and banishes ignorance.

It’s an inner condition defined by spirituality and an absence of selfishness.

It seems to indicate that for many human souls that the spiritual light is a faint flicker that’s almost impossible to detect.

You can't buy enlightenment

You can’t buy knowledge and know-how.

You can’t buy physical, mental or spiritual achievement.

Whatever you achieve will be paid for in time, effort and energy.

You can’t buy enlightenment.

As taught by the Brotherhood of Light astrology is an aid to soul unfoldment.

It allows you to gain esoteric knowledge and spiritual truths regarding your soul.

Some people pick up the basic knowledge easily.

But crystal clear comprehension will cost you hard work, dedication, persistence and time.

True understanding will bring you into the light.

Author: DW Sutton

Astrology for Aquarius – sharing our knowledge

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