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In 1910 Elbert Benjamine accepted the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor’s request to write 21 separate courses on the occult sciences to be ultimately published as 21 separate books.

He commenced writing on March 21, 1914.

Twenty years later on February 20, 1934 he completed the project.

Then as new knowledge flowed from the great urn in the sky he revised and updated the lessons.

The revisions continued through to 1949.

At the start in 1914 astrology’s knowledge-base wasn’t exactly scientific.

But when Elbert Benjamine and Lenora Conwell established the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department in 1924 the old astrology didn’t stand a chance.

Lenora Conwell was the research department’s chief statistician.

She acquired birth data and calculated the charts used in the research.

She devoted her life to making astrology scientific and expanding astrology’s knowledge base.

She was a teacher and writer who wrote more articles explaining the Hermetic system of astrology than anyone except Elbert Benjamine.

She was a torchbearer of the light whose efforts in spreading the stellar wisdom are second to none.

The Brotherhood of Light lessons

The Brotherhood of Light teachings explain the principles upon which the universe is run.

Your existence means something and you need to know that you have a soul and then, what it consists of, how it arrived at its present state of development and its opportunities for progress in the future.

But to perceive God’s great evolutionary plan you cannot allow yourself to be hoodwinked by degrading atheistic doctrines or the narrow creeds and traditional teaching of orthodox religion or the fantastic teachings of the mystical schools of thought.

The belief that death brings you and your hard earned intelligence and ability to an end is a mental black hole.

And the belief that your after-death life is without progress in static heaven or blistering hell is an unproven supposition.

But when you free yourself from these false teachings and investigate the extrasensory experiences of others or have extrasensory experiences of your own, your conceptions of nature will broaden.

You will understand that there are inner-astral-planes of existence where intelligences dwell and where you will dwell when your physical life comes to an end.

You will perceive that on the inner-astral-planes you will have the opportunity for development and progress, and that you are being educated now, and will be educated on the inner-planes in the future, to perform a significant function in the universal scheme.

Such knowledge brings the conviction that you’re undergoing a personal curriculum in the school of life in order to fill a niche in the cosmic scheme of the future.

And that the best possible personal progress requires opportunities for self-development and access to accurate information.

Truthful information permits accurate self-understanding and liberates you from doubts, uncertainties and untruths.

You should know the facts of astrology, the facts of extrasensory perception, the facts of induced emotion and the facts of directed thinking because they’ll facilitate your education.

The Brotherhood of Light lessons are issued with the definite purpose of reviving the Religion of the Stars – which is a Religion of Natural Law – as understood and taught by the Hermetic initiates of ancient Egypt and Chaldea.

They’re issued for the express purpose of providing you with reliable information about nature’s laws.

Rather than rely on the authority of others you must investigate and demonstrate for yourself.

The blind acceptance of statements made by the voice of authority without demonstration has been the curse of the world.

Sooner or later you must work out your own destiny.

The Brotherhood of Light lessons are there to help and guide you.

Author: DW Sutton

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