The Brotherhood of Light

The first astrologers lived in an ancient land.

In the distant past they discovered and investigated astrological knowledge.

Since then their priceless stellar wisdom has been handed down by word of mouth as myths, legends and allegorical stories.

The uploaded their truly important data into the sky.

They encrypted their astrological wisdom in the vaults of heaven.

It was safe there from the information savages.

So there’s a starting point for the knowledge.

An ancient land where a spiritual civilization lived, discovered and investigated the laws of nature.

And when the ordinance of the great precessional cycle declared cataclysmic change they conveyed their stellar wisdom to the seven ancient centers of civilization – Peru, Mexico, Crete, China, Mesopotamia, India and Egypt.

Since then it has continued its journey through time.

It was never static.

It was added to and built upon by others using a process of trial and error.

The Chaldeans were great knowledge builders and tradition and archeology indicate that much of Egypt’s stellar wisdom came from Chaldea.

The Brotherhood of Light

Tradition and historical evidence dates the beginning of the Brotherhood of Light to 2440 BC in Egypt.

Long before 5000 BC Egypt fused into two great states – the Delta or Red Kingdom of the North, and the White Kingdom of the South – and about 3,500 BC the less cultural southern kingdom took over the north.

At this time there was rapid material advancement and the spiritual and occult knowledge became the private possession of the King and his priests.

Its gradual suppression inevitably led to corruption till finally the most important doctrines were formulated and preserved by a secret society, which according to tradition, is the Brotherhood of Light.

As a spiritual society or group it’s the custodian of stellar wisdom.

Its members are dedicated to preserving, discovering and disseminating the science of the soul and stars.

Most exist on the astral and spiritual planes of life and they and the information they possess can be accessed by daring souls called seers and mediums.

But deceit, trickery and subterfuge are rife.

There’s no guarantee that the information being channeled from a discarnate entity is correct.

In most instances it isn’t.

Here on Earth the ancient stellar teachings, due to hostile circumstances have remained secret and out of sight.

But occasionally daring independent truth seekers have contacted the spiritual source of the Brotherhood of Light teachings and made them available to the general public.

Throughout the ages there have been teachers of the light who passed their knowledge on to students who in turn passed it on.

The Brotherhood’s teachings have always been available to truth seekers but understanding their true meaning has always been constrained by time, culture and knowledge development.

Legions of Light

The Brotherhood of Light is an association of people linked by a common spiritual interest and purpose.

People imply men and women and the Brotherhood of Light has never been a boy’s club.

Women have been at the forefront of its knowledge gathering.

They have led the charge to make the stellar knowledge available to the general public.

These sisters of the light include Emma Hardinge Britten, Genevieve Stebbins, Sarah Stanley Grimke, Belle M Wagner, Elizabeth D Benjamine, Lenora Conwell and Mildred Schuler.

The Brotherhood of Light is also known as the Brethren of the Light and the Legions of Light.

In Ghost Land by Emma Hardinge Britten members are simply identified as the ‘Brothers’.

In the past discarnate members of the group have been referred to as the ‘inner circle’ with members here on Earth identified as the ‘outer circle’.

 In 1938 Elbert Benjamine explained:  ‘The Legions of Light are those who possess a high degree of knowledge and spirituality and who use their knowledge and such powers as they possess and can acquire for the benefit of humanity. 

They are not exclusively discarnate, but most belong to a high-level of the inner-astral-plane.’

Author: DW Sutton

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