The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor

A seer is defined as a person who professes supernatural powers – clairvoyance for example – or someone who discovers hidden knowledge with the aid of these powers.

It also defines a person endowed with profound moral and spiritual insight or knowledge.

Spiritual knowledge embraces information pertaining to the soul’s evolutionary journey through which it develops intelligence and ability both here on Earth and in astral realms.

Knowledge of the afterlife can only be acquired through visiting the region or communicating with those who live there.

This communicating is done by mediums who acquire knowledge through exercising their psychic abilities, particularly clairvoyance.

It’s a very uncertain communication as the information acquired is only as authentic as its source and there are plenty of fraudsters both here and there.

The information was difficult to test for its veracity.

Its authenticity depended greatly upon the spirituality of the medium – his or her moral standing etc.

The astrological knowledge had nothing to do with seership.

Astrology was an exoteric science that could be observed and checked but as the curtain rose on the Age of Aquarius in 1881 astrology’s knowledge-base was very uncertain.

There was a continent of information waiting to be explored but the first expedition wouldn’t set sail till 1924.

The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor

The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor was founded in Britain in 1884.

It was established for the express purpose of disseminating the spiritual knowledge of The Brotherhood of Light and became the most influential practical occult group of its time.

The reference to Luxor implies knowledge from ancient Egypt.

The torchbearers were Max Theon, Peter Davidson and Thomas Burgoyne.

Max Théon was born in Poland in November 1848.

He was a psychic healer and seer who taught the teachings of the Brotherhood of Light.

Peter Davidson was born in Scotland in 1837.

He was a homeopathic physician, herbalist and occultist.

His interest in the occult was vast and he wrote and published books on astrology and Masonic rituals.

Thomas H Burgoyne was born in England on April 14, 1855.

He was a natural seer and through his seership he contacted the interior circle of The Brotherhood of Light on the inner-astral-plane.

He and Max Théon were mediums who acquired knowledge of spiritual things by communicating with discarnate entities.

In 1884 Burgoyne published The Seer magazine in Glasgow, Scotland.

Later it became The Occultist and in February 1885 The Occult Magazine.

Through these magazines Davidson and Burgoyne disseminated the spiritual teachings of the Brotherhood of Light.

They presented a practical western version of the Brotherhood’s spiritual philosophy which emphatically denied human reincarnation.

At a time when secret societies were extremely secretive the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor was very, very public.

Peter Davidson offered membership to the order via a correspondence course which was open to anyone who was willing to submit their horoscope.

As a torchbearer of spiritual knowledge it disseminated the light of spiritual knowledge.

But in 1886 a scandal involving Burgoyne had devastating consequences.

The enemies of the light sensing success took action to ensure that darkness prevailed.

Following the scandal Peter Davidson with his wife and five children moved to Loudsille, Georgia.

There he established a utopian community and continued to teach and disseminate the Brotherhood’s teachings.

He relocated to inner-plane life in 1915.

In April 1886 Thomas Burgoyne also moved to the United States.

There, on the West Coast, he established and operated a distinct Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor which was governed in all its affairs by a council of three members – a scribe or secretary, an astrologer and a seer.

Burgoyne was the group’s original secretary.

He continued to write and teach and in 1889 published a summary of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor’s teachings in a book, The Light of Egypt, issued under his pen name, Zanoni.

Thomas Burgoyne passed to the next life in March, 1894, while residing in Humbolt County, California.

Luxor without Burgoyne

On his death Belle M. Wagner was elected to take his place on the council.

Minnie Higgins was the astrologer and Mrs. Anderson of Denver, Colorado was the seer.

The by-laws of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor made it impossible for any person under 21 years of age to join, made it impossible for a married person to join unless the spouse also joined, and made membership possible only by invitation after the individual’s record had been thoroughly investigated.

Then in early 1909 Minnie Higgins passed to the next plane, and in the spring of that year Elbert Benjamine was called to Denver and elected to take her place on the Council as the astrologer.

Over the next twelve months both the interior circle and the exterior circle of the Brotherhood of Luxor did their utmost to convince Elbert Benjamine to undertake the job of preparing a complete system of education that would enable a wide public to become conversant with spiritual teachings embraced within the Religion of the Stars.

And in the spring of 1910 he agreed.

In 1913 the three members of the Council of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, after due deliberation, voted unanimously to close the order, and since that date no members have been accepted.

Author: DW Sutton

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