The Church of Light

Elbert Benjamine’s first marriage ended in divorce in 1910 and on May 27, 1919 he married Elizabeth Dorris.

Elizabeth was financially independent and in order to get the Brotherhood of Light lessons written she provided Elbert with a home and family.

And by 1928 they had built the Brotherhood of Light into the largest spiritual-occult organization in the world.

By 1931 there were over 13,000 members studying the lessons and sitting exams.

Never before had so many human souls touched the light of spiritual truth.

But on September 3, 1932 the enemies of the light, sensing success, moved to instill darkness.

That’s when the Council of the City of Los Angeles gave the first reading to a new ordinance aimed at prohibiting the teaching and practice of astrology.

The ordinance passed into law on October 3, 1932 and became effective 30 days after publication on November 2, 1932.

These political moves created a drastic situation for the Brotherhood of Light and Elbert was left with only one course of action.

The Church of Light

The Brotherhood of Light was already a religious organization.

Its purpose was to revive the Religion of the Stars.

But legal advice from lawyers stated that it would be far better to incorporate and use the word Church instead of Brotherhood.

So on November 2, 1932 the Brotherhood of Light became the Church of Light.

Elbert Benjamine was the President; Fred H Skinner was the Vice-President; and Elizabeth D Benjamine was the Secretary-Treasurer.

Fred H. Skinner and Elizabeth D. Benjamine were active members of the Brotherhood of Light.

Both taught classes and did their utmost to strengthen the Church of light organization and disseminate the Religion of the Stars.

They were torchbearers of the light.

Elbert, Fred and Elizabeth knew that if people were to gain the facts which will free their souls from bondage and enable them to form correct religious conceptions these facts had to be readily accessible.

They knew that special privilege systematically endeavors to suppress the facts of astrology, the facts of extrasensory perception, the facts of induced emotion and the facts of directed thinking.

These and other relevant facts were made available in Brotherhood of Light lessons so that you can investigate them for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

Elbert, Fred and Elizabeth knew that in order to block special privilege from suppressing the information the Church of Light had to be strong enough to counteract such moves.

They knew that the Church of Light had to have sufficient resources to get the lessons before a wide public.

The Church of Light was incorporated to teach, practice and disseminate the Religion of the Stars, as set forth in 21 Courses of lessons covering each of the 21 branches of occult science , as written by CC Zain under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Light.

The Religion of the Stars discourages blind belief and advocates the investigation of the facts embraced in its teachings.

Members of the Church of Light may believe whatever their experience and reason dictate but they must be sufficiently interested in the Universal Moral Code to agree to devote some time and energy to the assistance of others without thought of recompense.

Author: DW Sutton

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