Elbert Benjamine

In 1889 when The Light of Egypt was published Aquarian Age science was moving fast.

Scientific discoveries were transforming humanity’s understanding of life and the world.

From 1900 to 1905 Sigmund Freud developed a topographical model of the mind where he explained the mind’s unconscious and conscious structure and function.

In 1905 Albert Einstein published the theory of special relativity.

And the progressive thinkers who comprised the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor realized that Burgoyne’s The Light of Egypt was quickly losing its relevance.

In 1909 Minnie Higgins – the group’s astrologer – passed on and Elbert Benjamine was elected to take her place.

Elbert Benjamine

Elbert Benjamine (Benjamin Parker Williams) was a child of Aquarius.

Born on December 12, 1882 he received an Aquarian Age education.

He attended Iowa State University and received a bachelor’s degree in biology and was a professor of physics.

But while he was being schooled Elbert encountered astrology.

This occurred in 1898 when he was fifteen years old and the book that set his soul on fire was The Light of Egypt by Thomas H Burgoyne.

Burgoyne introduced him to the world of Hermetic astrology and the astrological teachings of the Brotherhood of the Light.

In 1900 he joined the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.

And in 1909, when he was elected to replace Minnie Higgins as the group’s astrologer, Belle Wagner (the secretary) and Mrs. Anderson (the seer) urged him to undertake the job of preparing a complete system of occult education by which the dawning Aquarian Age might become conversant with the Brotherhood of Light teachings.

It was a big shock.

Elbert was married with two children.

The commitment to fulfill the request would be enormous.

He refused.

But the brothers and sisters weren’t about to give up.

Here on Earth Henry and Belle Wagner, Mrs. Anderson and Norman Astley and his wife Genevieve Stebbins worked to convince Elbert to undertake the task and in April 1910 he accepted.

Genevieve Stebbins had married Norman Astley in 1893.

In the 21st-century she’s remembered as one of the most important exponents of the Delsarte method of elocution and acting.  

Genevieve, who translated the French version of the Egyptian Mysteries by Iamblichus into English, was a member of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor and a good friend of Elbert Benjamine.

After accepting the task of writing the lessons Elbert spent four years preparing himself for the most important job of all.

Later Norman Astley and Genevieve Stebbins were instrumental in convincing him to move to Los Angeles and establish the Brotherhood of Light in the City of the Angels.

He moved there in May, 1915 and commenced teaching privately.

The lessons were already well on the way.

He opened the doors to the general public on November 11, 1918.

So thanks to Thomas H Burgoyne, Minnie Higgins, Mrs. Anderson, Genevieve Stebbins, Norman Astley, Belle M Wagner, Dr Henry O Wagner and Elbert Benjamine you have access to the spiritual teachings of the Brotherhood Light.

In regard to the teachings Elbert stated: ‘I hold that secrecy in any matter that will aid the soul in gaining knowledge of its true relations to the universe, or that will assist in making life happier, or the attainment of spirituality easier, is not a virtue.

What I present, in its essentials, has been in the custody of the Brotherhood of Light for ages.

But even were it otherwise, I would not hesitate to present any information that I deem might in some manner assist human progress and happiness…

The time has ceased, I trust, when a few shall possess a monopoly on the truths regarding spiritual things.’

So you might view Elbert Benjamine as the greatest whistle-blower of all time.

Author: DW Sutton

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