The light and you

The ancient stellar wisdom embraces the laws of nature.

These are the laws of astrology.

They had to be discovered, investigated and tested.

They were then passed on by word of mouth and the telling of myths.

The big data was saved in the vaults of heaven.

From ancient times the torchbearers added to its knowledge-base.

To get to you the ancient stellar knowledge has traveled the road of time through Chaldea, Egypt, Rome and Greece.

Then, with the dawning of Aquarius, the light of spiritual truth was made brighter by scientific knowledge.

In the age of scientific enlightenment the ancient stellar teachings were subject to rigorous scientific testing.

New astrological knowledge has been discovered and measurement has been added to astrology’s knowledge-base.

The ancient stellar wisdom that was encrypted in the vaults of heaven is now available to you on the Aquarian Age internet.

Welcome to the light

The ancient magi documented their spiritual wisdom in the stars and you can use it to light your way.

Your guiding light is astrological knowledge.

The information pertains to your soul and its evolutionary journey.

It informs you about your innate intelligence and ability and your spiritual potential.

Hermetic Astrology brings you four orders of facts – the facts of astrology, the facts of extrasensory perception, the facts of directed thinking and the facts of induced emotion.

And having brought you this information it feels obliged to encourage you to learn and apply these facts in your daily living and self-development.

Through the application of astrology, induced emotion and directed thinking you can maximize your character development and spiritual progress.

Astrology is the science of finding and utilizing your natural potential as it’s defined by your birth chart.

Your birth chart is as accurate as your recorded birth time.

It provides personal astrological information.

You can turn this information into knowledge.

The stellar data it details can be measured.

Hermetic astrology provides a systematic chart assessment procedure.

Your chart reveals your God-given potential both now and in the future.

In a world engulfed in darkness ancient wisdom can light your way.

Do your own thinking

You exist as a force of nature and you have the right to know and understand yourself.

You have a right to know your past and future and your role in God’s great evolutionary plan.

But you’re living in a world that’s jam-packed with false and misleading information.

And the only way you can prevent yourself from falling into the dangerous trap of blindly believing what others say is to do your own thinking.

Spiritual knowledge includes information pertaining to the conditions you will experience on other planes of existence after your developmental journey here on Earth comes to an end.

Such knowledge, as the facts of the inner-astral-plane, allows you to develop a more comprehensive view of life.

When understood they spark a desire to live a more spiritual life where the welfare of others is your primary motivator.

Spiritual knowledge includes the facts of astrology, the facts of extrasensory perception, the facts of directed thinking and the facts of induced emotion.

And you can test things out and do your own thinking in regard to the existence of the inner-plane and astrological energies by assessing your birth chart and observing astrological events time your life story.

Author: DW Sutton

Astrology for Aquarius – sharing our knowledge

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