Enemies of the light

To acquire truthful knowledge you have to access it and the opponents of truth have always done everything they can to prevent or deny its wide dissemination.

Early in the fourteenth century BC Akhenaton taught his people the Religion of the Stars but on his death, Tutankhamen, with the aid of predatory priests came into power and reintroduced the teachings of darkness.

In America the ancient Maya had knowledge of the Religion of the Stars, but they were conquered by the military might of Kukulcan who supplemented it with horrible human sacrifices.

In Rome Theodosius forbade the unorthodox to hold meetings, handed all the churches over to the Trinitarians, and overthrew the heathen temples.

The rigid unity of the Church would tolerate no rivalry.

In Europe during the Dark Ages the light was almost extinguished.

At great peril, secret and unlawful groups kept it flickering.

Book burning

One way that the enemies of light have tried to extinguish knowledge is through the ritual destruction of books by fire.

Book burning is more than a loss of cultural heritage; it’s the loss of priceless knowledge.

Instances include the burning of books and the burying of scholars under China’s Qin Dynasty (213-210BC); the burning of the Library of Alexandria (c.49); the obliteration of the Library of Baghdad (1258); the destruction of Aztec texts and manuscripts by Itzcoatl (1430s); and the burning of the Mayan codices on the order of bishop Diego de Landa (1562).

More recently on May 10, 1933 university students in Germany burned upwards of 25,000 volumes of ‘un-German’ books, but unlike the scrolls at Alexandria and the Mayan manuscripts other copies existed.

The Library at Alexandria was the ancient world’s single greatest archive of knowledge.

Over 100 scholars lived at the Museum full time.

They performed research, wrote, lectured and translated or copied documents.

The number of ancient documents lost in the fire is unknown, but some were saved and found their way to sanctuary in the Arabian Desert.

Who started the fire at Alexandria remains a mystery but it’s safe to say s/he was a friend of the darkness and an enemy of the light.

Enemies of the light

An enemy of the light is any person who espouses a teaching that contravenes the laws of nature.

They’re the laws of astrology.

Astrology has always been strongly opposed by the Church, but in the 17th-century when the French Academy of Science was founded the astronomers had a ban placed on astrology.

And in December 1942 the Los Angeles City Council moved to pass an ordinance which would ban the practice and teaching of astrology, but quick action by the astrological community saw the proposed ban defeated.

Powerful groups and institutions on Earth and the inner-astral-plane have always advocated for darkness.

They’re commonly known as the legions of darkness or the Lower-Pluto forces and their sole intent is to convince you that there is no inner-astral-plane and no inner-plane forces, and that when you die your brain dies and your consciousness gets extinguished and you die too.

Fortunately the enemies of astrology have never been able to get their hands on the stars and erase their coded messages.

The Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church has always been an enemy of the light.

Its teachings contravene the laws of nature.

Traditional religious movements impose the conviction that there is life after physical death, but where your soul goes depends upon whether or not you accept Jesus as your savior.

Those who do not believe in a vicarious salvation are to suffer, not a year, nor a century, but for eternity, in the tortures of hell.

While those who do express such belief, even though they have been vile, disgusting human beings, get to spend their time singing hymns in heaven, forever and ever.

But reports on the inner-astral-plane and the life that exists there proves that these orthodox religious teachings are untrue.

Orthodox science

Orthodox science advocates scientific materialism.

It confines its knowledge to physical laws, has academic power and social respect, but is ignorant of the inner-astral-plane and inner-plane forces like astrological energies.

Due to its numbers and convincing biological evidence it wields enormous power.

But its false claim that you’re DNA in motion and a bunch of neurons firing away can keep you wandering in the shadows of darkness.

You need the facts of astrology and the facts of extrasensory perception to bring you into the light.

Your soul is a force of nature.

It exists on the inner-astral-plane.

The science of astrology embraces the laws that influence and time your intelligence and ability development.

Extrasensory perception embraces all methods of inner-plane investigation other than astrology so the only way you can confirm for yourself the existence of this inner-astral-plane is through extrasensory perception or astrology.

And orthodox science and religious fundamentalism are doing their best to convince you that astrology and extrasensory perception are bunk.

The existence of the inner-astral-plane proves that the material model of the universe proposed by orthodox science is false.

In the Age of Aquarius the same Lower-Pluto forces that destroyed the Library at Alexandria and the ancient Mayan and Aztec manuscripts are on the march again.

This time they’re utilizing atheistic materialism as the inversive religious concept by which they’re determined to reestablish their tyrannical power.

You need to know that your chief enemy is selfishness.

It prevents you from contacting the light.

Your greatest adversary is ignorance of the facts.

And the Brotherhood of Light works to dispel, with facts, the darkness which is synonymous with ignorance.

The Brotherhood of Light teachings are your best insurance against the lies and deceit that is being streamed – 24/7 – by the forces of darkness.

Author: DW Sutton

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