The Dark Satellite

Pluto is one of the farthest objects in our solar neighborhood.

It’s a tiny planet – smaller than the Moon.

It wanders around the outskirts of our solar system.

Its greatest distance from the Sun is 4,571,200,000 miles (7,356,000,000 km) and its shortest distance is 2,748,000,000 miles (4,423,200,000 km).

And because it’s so tiny and so far away it was very difficult to find.

The search began in the late 1870s.

American astronomer, Percival Lowell, working at his observatory at Flagstaff, Arizona studied the orbits of Uranus and Neptune and calculated that their orbital irregularities were caused by an undiscovered planet.

In 1905 he organized a systematic search for the unknown Planet X.

It was eventually discovered by Clyde W Tombaugh in 1930, but long before then, Thomas H Burgoyne, an astrologer and Hermetic initiate had described its astrological influence.

He identified Planet X as the dark satellite and in his book, Light of Egypt, published in 1889 he gave a detailed description of the unknown planet.

The Dark Satellite

Burgoyne wrote ‘…the magnetic sphere of our planet which exactly corresponds to the animal soul of man is occultly termed the dark satellite.

It’s a complete organization of its own governed by well defined laws, the nature of which may be known by patiently observing the merciless instincts of the lower animal nature as manifested in man, where the moral consciousness is absolutely wanting.

These treacherous creatures produce the greatest portion of suffering and misery which afflicts humanity.

They are the active occult agents of that potent fraternity within the spiritual world which has its external expression and correspondence in the brotherhood known upon the Earth as the “Black Magi”…and the schools of black magic, vice and crime.

When this is understood, it will be seen that this dark, magnetic orb constitutes the grand center or focus of the Earth’s animal force.

In other words, it is the realm of the undeveloped good in Nature, whose terrible motto is embraced in the word SELF.

From within the dark center of the astral realms…the spirit of lies, murder, fraud and religious imposture is first formulated and then projected to the latter fraternity (souls on Earth with a similar nature) as a means of its continued existence.

From thence, these unseen occult currents penetrate the innermost recesses of the human mind, and possess the soul to such an extent, that deep down in the heart of every person, no matter how pure and disinterested he (or she) may appear, there lurks the slimy reptile of selfishness.

The manner in which this dark magnetic energy is projected from the satellite to the Earth is wholly inversive, and the rulers and magical hierophants make use of this inversive force to distort and corrupt Truth in every form wherein it struggles to become manifest upon the Earth.’

The realm of Pluto

According to Burgoyne the dark satellite – Pluto – is the realm from which emanates the inversive thought-force that distorts and corrupts truth and fosters lies, murder, fraud and religious imposture.

There have always been liars, murderers, fraudsters, religious imposters and those who deliberately corrupt and distort truth, but in 1889 their astrological ruler was unknown.

Pluto – the dark satellite – had yet to be discovered.

Burgoyne linked the most vile, treacherous behavior with its astrological correlate.

He forecast that the discovery of the dark satellite would herald a horrible period in human history when those expressing the undeveloped good in their souls would wreak havoc and destruction on humanity.

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