Pluto and you

The spiritual knowledge flowing from the great urn in the sky has not kept pace with the biological and other information.

You’re easily dazzled by New-Age gene data.

Aquarius ignited a search for self-knowledge that ended with DNA and genetic ancestry.

The genetic version of life is embraced by academics, political leaders and other members of the smart crowd.

That makes it socially acceptable.

Your life has become a meaningless random genetic event and Lower-Pluto is pulling the strings.

He attacks your soul and stifles your progress by making you believe that when your body dies, your brain dies and you die too.

By keeping you frightened and spiritually unenlightened Lower-Pluto successfully retards your mental, emotional and moral development.

His deliberate use of fear and terror is an abuse of your human-rights.

His feel-good joyful message is all about altruistic atheism.

Chances are your life and existence has been redefined by Lower-Pluto’s atheistic doctrine.

He’s cancelled your ticket to freedom and enlightenment.

The master manipulator

Lower-Pluto is a master of mass manipulation and mass persuasion.

He’s a professional manipulator and he’s being paid to manipulate you.

He knows how your mind works and he’s manipulating your mind to suit his purpose.

Lower Pluto is invading your privacy.

He wants your data.

He’s probing your everyday habits and he’s worked out how to exploit them.

His insider knowledge makes it easy for him to manipulate your behavior to satisfy his intent.

Lower-Pluto systematically exploits your hidden weaknesses to suit his purpose.

The development of your personal image is influenced by the information you provide his image builders.

Lower-Pluto, through radio, television and fake-news websites employs media barons, data-companies, shock jocks, opinion makers and trolls to influence and manipulate your thinking.

Ignorance of right and wrong

The current socio-economic environment serves up a smorgasbord of life-experiences, but many people are unable to make personal judgments regarding their own conduct.

They don’t know right from wrong.

To rein in bad behavior the ruling authority sets rules and laws but some people are morally bankrupt and naturally inclined to break the rules.

These are the people Lower-Pluto targets.

Dangerous times

Lower-Pluto’s henchmen are contaminating your soul with fear, confusion, lies and deception.

Materialistic propaganda is desensitizing your soul.

Lower-Pluto is overt or covert coercion.

Coercive power is the imposition of your will upon another.

You do it when you employ threats, intimidation and harassment to get what you want.

After an encounter with Lower-Pluto’s inhumanity your mind is scarred and in terrible condition.

When your critical faculties are dumbed-down you’re unable to identify the lies and subtle inversions that are being spread.

With Lower-Pluto lurking in the shadows the chances of you being a victim of crime have escalated greatly.

It’s difficult avoiding the cyberbully and internet troll.  

Pluto and you

The Pluto character factor in your not-conscious mind is mediumistic and to the extent you respond to its influence you have a tendency, according to your basic character, to contact and be influenced by either the Powers of Light or the Forces of Darkness.

It’s your personal vibratory rate (or mood) that determines the astral level that you contact.

In the Pluto Period of the Age of Aquarius almost everyone is responding in some measure to the energies being broadcast from one or the other of these two invisible realms.

You need to know that the Lower-Pluto thought-force while possessing a high degree of selfishness and hate poses no danger to the average individual having normal moral values.

But those souls who slip downwards into a selfish-hate lifestyle, and those with low moral values who feel no contrition when it comes to preying on others, become easy targets for Lower-Pluto’s astral gangsters.

The message is clear: Stay tuned to the better angels in your soul and become a spiritual warrior.

Author: DW Sutton

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